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  • March 30, 2011

Kryptotel LLC. is proudly presenting pay-as-you-go encrypted telephone services.
Today it is possible to make encrypted phone calls from your mobile phone to insure that nobody can tap, trace, or listen to your private conversations. KryptoMobile is the new telephone service developed by Kryptotel LLC that allows you to make encrypted calls directly from your mobile phone that cannot be tapped or intercepted. This software is available for all Smartphones that support Android (Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola etc) and the iPhone by Apple.
All of our phone calls, especially the ones made through mobile network, are at high risk of being intercepted with an even higher risk of our personal information ending up in the hands of the wrong people.
To protect ourselves from this risk we need to take action by using the necessary instruments available, such as KryptoMobile, which is a system that enables a user to make encrypted telephone calls. When two individuals are talking to each other using KryptoMobile and a conversation is intercepted, only an indecipherable noise will be heard by the intruder.
KryptoMobile works on your mobile phone /smartphone with a normal 3G network.This new and unique service is ideal for professionals, business men, lawyers, financial consultants, and even members of civil or military security and any citizen that wishes to keep their conversations safe!
By using Kryptotel there is no risk of being intercepted. A very powerful encrypting algorithm is used to protect conversations from any kind of interception. Using Kryptotel is simple, efficient and quick. The network offered by today’s service providers enables Kryptotel to deliver excellent encrypted phone call quality equal to a normal phone call.
All calls are anonymous because of the voice encryption technology used through wireless and VoIp networks. From the operators logs no calls are traced because KryptoMobile calls connect through the internet and not through the normal call connection. Two telephones that use KryptoMobile connect to each other through a VoIP server that functions as a “route”. The encryption of the call takes place in the two telephones, therefore even a hypothetical attack on the server will leave the intruder with an encrypted and incomprehensible flow of data. All of Kryptotel’s servers are dislocated around the world in countries where telephone tapping is prohibited by law. The later combined with the impossibility of recording information on the service provider’s logs makes KryptoMobile/KryptoPhone the safest and most reliable encrypted telephone service in the world.
Kryptotel supports all telecommunication networks: CDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, 3G, WiFi, Satellite. Kryptotel protects privacy from any form of interception. The only condition is that both parties involved use Kryptotel’s encryption service application. The conversation is protected through an end-to-end encryption, everything that is transmitted from one telephone is ciphered and can only be deciphered from the other telephone.
Making encrypted calls with your mobile phone is easy: go to and make your first call at only 15 cents usd a minute. (average cost of a normal mobile call!!). You can recharge your credit online, starting at 5 usd.
Good encrypted telephone calls to everyone.

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