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Pre Wedding Reception Activities

There are so many minute details to stress about when arranging a wedding some might get overlooked. One tiny detail that usually gets overlooked is how to keep invitees stimulated before the wedding reception ” formally” begins.
There is no necessity that brides regale their wedding guests at all. After all, they have already shown up at your wedding ceremony (which was surely engaging and entertaining, right?) and they will soon get music, food and drink. What more should they wish? It turns out, a whole lot. While the man and wife are off having pictures taken, the guests are left to their own devices, chatting with other visitors and pondering when the buffet will open.
In that light, its worth at the minimum considering some pre-reception alternatives for keeping wedding event guests entertained until the reception begins like some fun ice balls perhaps. Here are a few alternatives, some tradition, and some not so, but still fun.
First, you can do the traditional thing and offer guests with drinks and perhaps some light treats. If the wedding is in the summer, how about providing lemonade and iced tea? Or if it’s the wintertime, coffee and hot tea or even hot cocoa being dependent on the style of your wedding. Providing a light treat isn’t a bad concept, either, and that can be some appetizer-type food or just nuts, specifically if the entree will be substantial.
Now, if you want to stray from custom, there are many alternatives. Some bride-to-bes opt for accommodating the guests in the truest way of the word. Clowns, anyone? How about live music?
If you intend to venture into the fun and hip, seek advice from the party planning pages of a local children’s or parent’s publication. Here, you can find people who will delight your children at their birthday celebrations, but many of them will gladly take up wedding works. You can tap the services of a clown to make balloon animals for the kids (and adults) in attendance, or to juggle a few things. A number of clowns are true performers and will gladly get the crowd engaged by retrieving items out of women’s handbags and juggling them.
Other non-traditional methods for entertaining your visitors include hiring a music band to play music in advance. If you plan to have classical music at your wedding, you can have a band come and perform covers of up-to-date pop songs, or you can basically have your chosen band come in a bit early to entertain guests waiting on the full reception to begin.
If there are a lot of youngsters at the wedding, it’s not too extravagant to hire a children’s band to serenade and entertain the children for a bit. Then if the kids are a bit bored at the reception, they’ll still have the memory of the earlier home entertainment with them. On top of that, while the children are being occupied, the grownups can have a chance to chitchat and they will undoubtedly thank the bride for thinking of them in that way.
A few other methods for entertaining your antsy guests before the celebrations begin are to incorporate them in the reception before it gets going. This is a good time to ask people to sign the guest book and write something significant, since they will have more time than they would often have as they file into the reception venue.
If the reception and the wedding ceremony take place in the same locality, but the couple are off having pictures taken, it may not appear to be as if there’s this concern of how to keep the guests occupied, but there in reality, is.
In this case, you can have waiters distribute with hors d’oeuvre trays that have simple refreshers like iced tea with ice balls or you might do something more sophisticated, such as several of the suggestions above. One well-known option doesn’t involve entertaining the guests in any way. Say the wedding is being held at a historic house or mansion. During the lull before the reception, guests can be given a tour of the estate. If the wedding and reception are both being held at the couple’s new home, a tour of the property maybe in order (assuming the guest list is relatively small).

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