How to Increase Email Marketing Response

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  • May 13, 2009

People receive a large number of email messages from unknown addresses daily. They don’t open suspicious emails due to huge security risks. In this environment it is tough to obtain reasonable response from your email marketing campaigns because people have become careful due to unending spam and threats. You can use email marketing software to manage your marketing campaign efficiently and effectively.

There are many reasons of low response or failure of your marketing campaigns such as low quality of your product or service or a badly written email message. There are some useful but simple rules to write an attractive message that brings good response.

1)Your reply to email address should be valid and existing. Replies to your messages should reach a real person.

2)You should have clear idea that what is the purpose of your email message. Do you want sales? Do you want more visitors to your website? Whatever aim is, it should clearly be defined while writing your email message.

3)You should write your marketing message with proper spellings and grammar else it cannot bring good results. Email marketing software can be used to personalize your messages along with spelling and grammar check.

4)Your marketing message should be concise and to the point. You should use simple words and short phrases in your sentences because they are easy to understand.

5)Use sentence case instead of writing in capital letters. You can use capital letters only to emphasis a word or phrases.

6)You should try to convey your message in first few sentences following the details of your products or services.

7)Offer discounts and attractive packages to convert your readers into customers. Don’t forget to mention the deadline of your offers or discounts to compel people to take step immediately.

8)Your email message should be in text version instead of attachment due to security risks. Most of the people delete emails having marketing messages in the form of attachments.

9)There should be a link for readers to unsubscribe themselves from your list of email contacts. These links are mostly found at the end of the message and once a reader un-subscribes’ then remove them from your list of email contacts.

10)You should test your email message by sending it to your friends. You can use email marketing software to check whether images, text and links are in place. If everything is fine then you can send your email messages to the rest of the world.

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