All Types Of Chinese Teas Explained

Perhaps you are knowledgeable with the Chinese saying, “Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day.” Even though tea is very last on the list, we can nonetheless see how important the tea is for the Chinese especially nowadays when you can add it into Ice ball molds.

There are in fact hundred of Chinese tea assortments. These are typically grouped by procedure, quality, and preparation procedures and so on. Nevertheless, if we will take into consideration tea in with regards to quality, there are in fact eight classes of Chinese tea. These also include green tea, oolong, black, red, white, yellow, flower, and compressed tea.

Now, let’s take a look at these classes one at a time.

Green Tea

Green tea is claimed of being the most natural sort of Chinese tea. It is usually picked, naturally dried and fried quickly to get free of its grasslike smell. As opposed to the other types, green tea bypassed fermentation procedure.

Confering to some experts, green tea has the best and most medicative value and the very least caffeine substance of all Chinese tea classes. The aroma in this sort of Chinese type range from medium to significant, while the essence is usually light to medium. These days, about 50 % of China’s tea is green tea.

Oolong Tea

This form of Chinese tea is midway between green tea and black tea in a way that it is partly fermented. Chinese also call it “Qing Cha” and its regular leaves are green in the center and red on the brink as a result of the process to soften tea leaves.

Oolong tea leaves are essentially withered and spread before undertaking a quick fermentation process. Then, it is fried, rolled and roasted.

Black Tea

The Chinese black tea produces strong amber when brewed. Also, this form of Chinese tea go through drying, then entrusted to ferment for a prolonged while, and then roasted. The leaves in this variety become thoroughly oxidized after processing.

Red Tea

As the name indicates, this sort of Chinese tea has red leaves and red tea hue. This color is firmly highlighted during the fermentation process. It is also thought about that red tea has low aroma and medium flavor and it is now split into three subdivisions: Martial art Red Tea, Ted Tea Bits, and Small Species Red Tea

White Tea

This sort of Chinese tea is sometimes considered as subclass of green tea. Perhaps it is for the fact that it is only withered and afterwards roasted. Similar to green tea, white tea skipped fermentation method. And, it has low caffeine content.

Yellow Tea

Purportedly, yellow tea has yellow leaves and yellow tea color. Asing reported by some experts, this sort of Chinese tea is an unusual class of Chinese tea. The flavor of yellow tea is typically mild and refreshing.

Flower Tea

Here is a unique sort of Chinese tea– the Flower tea. It essentially splits into Flower Tea and Scented Tea. Well, the Flower Tea is just formed on a elementary notion that dried flowers are used, without much processing, to make tea. The Scented Tea, on the other hand, uses green tea and red tea as foundation and combined with scent of flowers. Usually, this class has light to medium flavor and medium to strong aroma.

Compressed Tea.

The last sort of Chinese tea is the compressed tea potentially added into an ice ball tray. This class uses black tea as base tea. It is steamed and compressed into bricks, cakes, columns, and other types of shapes. Also, compressed tea has all the properties of black tea. It can be stored for years and decades.

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