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Here at My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair we’re able manage your entire wheel resurfacing needs from minor refurbishing to entire refurbishment. We’ll be efficient at fixing bends, cracks, curb rash including cnc wheels (also know as machined). My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair will also repair just about any rim whatever shape, measurement or maker. Our company guar·an·tee your satisfaction giving the ultimate quality and a quick 24hr – 48hr turn-around.

Feel free to give us a call today at 713-942-0294 to get totally free of charge estimation.

Our business office has a state of the art powder/ceramic coating station for many purposes. We offer full service powder coating, ceramic coating, polishing wheels, bike frames, brakes, headers, and manifolds.

My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair can deal with any tire circumstance you might be having to deal with. Everybody knows a small number of roadways can cause harm to your tires and we’re prepared fix them to suit your needs.

When it comes to Wheel Refinishing, whether your rim has curb damage, bends, chips, scrapes, scratches, dings, or is just out of shape, My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair features a crew that will ensure you get your wheel return to Factory finish very quickly!

When it comes to Bent Rim Repair Straightening, Uncorrected vibrations won’t only damage your tires, it can cause serious damage to each of the steering and suspension systems to your vehicle. My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair will take your tires and repair this problem using straightening service. We’ll refurbish most out of round or bent wheels back to factory standards in one hour or less.

Wheel polishing makes a world of difference. Reduce swirls, light scratches from clear coated wheels, and polish aluminum and chrome with the best choice of mini and micro tools in the industry.

My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair provides the largest assortment of high-end, professional, and easy-on precious metal shines within the detailing market. When it comes to Tig Welding, hitting a pothole will not only bend your wheel, but might result in a hairline breaks which in turn causes your rim to leak air. Despite the fact that that splits are on the inside of the wheel, usually the impact is so hard that an entire chunk of the face is broken off! As a solution using TIG welding mixed with our trained welders, digitized machining, we can reinstate your tires and repair them for just a fraction of the price of buying a new alloy wheel.

As an extra program, My Wheel Doctor has the capability to exchange your compromised factory wheel with a Factory OE Replacement. In most cases we are able have an OE / OEM wheel shipped to your location in as little as 2-3 days. This is also a amazing choice for those hoping to replace all wheels. About 50% – 60% off regular In stock now, thousands of wheels to choose from, foreign and domestic

To Learn more on how My Wheel Doctor Bent Rim Repair at 713-942-0294 or come to 7070 southwest fwy, houston, tx 77074.

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