Star Defender 2 – A Fun, Free Alien Shooting Game is packed full of completely free games. You won’t find any time-limited trial versions or feature-lacking demonstration versions here, however. You will only find completely free, full-version games such as Star Defender 2, a free alien shoot-em-up game. There are games of just about every genre imaginable and, if you like fast-paced spacefaring action, Star Defender 2 is definitely a game you should try. Free games like Star Defender 2 are a great choice for casual gamers who prefer not to spend money on the often expensive retail games available in the shops. What’s more is that these games often have extremely high system requirements, often necessitating an upgrade. This is what can quickly make the costs of PC gaming spiral out of control.

This is not the case if you download and play free games such as Star Defender 2, however. All of the games available at have fairly low system requirements and this space-based shooting game is no exception. It will run flawlessly even on quite old computers, yet it still has great graphics and highly memorable scenes. The download is also tiny, so you don’t need to wait any more than a matter of minutes even on an old dial-up connection for it to download. Installation is quick and simple and you will only need a few megabytes of free space on your hard disk. You can download it completely for free today and start playing it immediately. No doubt you will be hooked pretty quickly when you see what Star Defender 2 has to offer!

Star Defender 2 takes the player to the final frontier, Space itself. Set in the distant future, the player must fight off hordes of hostile alien ships in the classic arcade-style video game. There is an immersive and memorable plot as players will conquer space and save humanity from the constant threat of hostile alien invasions. You will need to save the galaxy from these invaders and the future of every world now lies in your hands! The player will need to become the hero of the universe – failure is simply not an option since far too much hangs in the balance. Players will experience over 100 unique levels each with their own set of challenges and twists. Players need to fight against 30 unique enemy units, each one having their own set of abilities.

Players may design their own unique battle strategies in order to excel in the space war. They will need to track their available weapons and plan their attacks carefully before the enemy overwhelms them. Each mission provides a completely different background as well, so you will always experience the realistic atmosphere of the space battle. All of the enemies have their own sets of weapons, abilities and more. The game provides a great musical score too, combined with colorful and attractive graphics. Players will find hours of fun in this addictive little game. Download the free alien game today and find out more over at .

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