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BugBits is a fun and unique battle game themed around a variety of colorful insects with a fighting spirit to defend their home. There is a plethora of different settings in the game as well, from colorful green meadows to lush forests and expansive deserts. There are plenty of riddles and brain-teasers to keep your mind occupied for as long as you want. The player follows the story of a group of insects who need to protect their hive from various hostile invaders. The player can command a fun and unique army against these invading insects. At your command are plenty of different types of units including beetles, stink bugs, caterpillars and bees – something for every situation the challenges of the game dare to throw at you!

The player controls a detailed military service comprised of this extensive variety of insects. Every beetle at your command has its own function and helps to greatly diversify your operations. In total, there are 17 different bugs available each with their own unique abilities. In addition to these 17 little soldiers, there are 3 hero bugs which bring a more epic spirit into the battle for peace and freedom. As you progress and fight off the invading bugs, you can get access to an abundance of new challenges. In total, there are 39 missions which help you to fight your way to the ultimate goal of freedom! The graphics are all in stunning and colorful rendered 3D scenes and gameplay is fun, fast-paced and addictive. There are also two-player battles, 18 in total which can be played together on the single computer. Players need to collect the main resource in the game – nectar – and use it to prepare their troops and a staunch defense. There are also five special challenges included and ten different categories of medals that you can win. The military bug campaign requires planning and skills and the challenges will undoubtedly keep you busy for as long as you like. An intriguing, unique and challenging game, BugBits is also completely free as are all the games available at Download and start playing it today from !

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