Backup Active Directory Data and Structure

Security Revisor for Windows Servers is an essential tool for administrators of Windows servers who need a reliable solution to backup Active Directory data and structure and much more. Security Revisor for Windows Servers presents the possibility to create complete images of Active Directory or Security Account Manager (SAM). It also provides a multitude of other useful features for backup, security and reporting. This includes the possibility to recover and copy servers, move around objects, rights and user accounts between multiple servers, remotely control servers, monitor connections on the network and recover data structure, access rights and more. The software also provides a fully comprehensive and highly customizable reporting feature.
Security Revisor for Windows Servers is able to clone flat Security Account Manager databases used in Windows NT Server 4.0 or the backup Active Directory databases used in Windows 2000 Server and later editions of the operating system. Backups are stored locally. The image contains all of the most widely used objects from the database such as containers, groups and users as well as their attributes including names and descriptions etc. The structure of the directory including tree locations, group memberships and other organizational characteristics is also included in the image. Security Revisor for Windows Servers can create a fresh image of the server in minimal time. You will then be at liberty to view and edit the contents of the image as much as you like, without even having to be connected to the network. This is because the image is created and stored locally so that you can access it in offline mode.
Security Revisor for Windows Servers provides powerful reporting components. You can print out an object tree of your Windows server as well. There is a visual report editor which allows you to construct a report of different levels of complexity. There are templates provided to get you started so that you do not need to create reports from scratch as you are getting to know your way around the program. For example, you can create a simple database object listing on the most basic level or you can create a full-featured multilevel report including full object descriptions, properties and much more. Reports are made from the server image created by Security Revisor for Windows Servers and then saved in the HTML format for viewing in any Web browser.
Security Revisor for Windows Servers allows you to either completely or partly recover the object database on your Windows server, saving your company a great deal of time and money in the event of anything going wrong. This is vastly more efficient than the alternative solutions which can be both costly and time-consuming. The software provides various useful extra features including extended manual authentication abilities and more.
You can learn more about this powerful solution and how to backup Active Directory databases at this website – . There is a free trial version of the software available and the price for the full version starts at $145.

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