Organize and Share Your Photos with the ACDSee .

ACDSee is the ultimate solution for any practical amateur photographer who seeks a better way to organize, share, and edit their photos with ease. The latest edition is packed full of features and functionality, including efficient tools for streamlining your workflow and improving results without any compromise in quality.

Share and Organize Your Photos with Ease

Many of us now have thousands of digital photos stored on our hard drives. Keeping all the media content properly organized will make it much easier to find your work when you need it. If you’re an amateur or professional photographer, then you owe it to yourself to free up your routine by adopting the most efficient workflow possible.

ACDSee allows you to organize photos using a folder structure that will be instantly familiar to any Windows user. However, it goes far beyond the simple functionality of Windows File Explorer by allowing you to define categories, add hierarchical keywords, tags, and even color labelling. There’s also a smart indexing feature that catalogs your photos automatically when your computer is idle.

Thanks to integration with Microsoft OneDrive, you can also share your photos easily or simply use this free online storage facility to keep them safely backed up in the cloud. Cloud storage integration also allows you to access and work on your photo collection no matter where you are, so long as you have an Internet connection.

Photo Editing Made Simple

ACDSee lets you effortlessly overhaul your photos to give them a truly professional flair at the click of a button. At the same time, you can enjoy full control over your work, whether you want to reduce red eye, rotate, resize, flip, or repair images. Thanks to an intuitive set of controls, all such tasks may be carried out with ease.

To further enhance your images, you can choose from a variety of framing styles as well. You can add borders, text, vignettes, and various other elements to your photos, while still being able to customize colors, accents, and textures so that they best complement your work. You can also blur and raise edges, add drop shadows, and much more.

Many photos, particularly those taken from smartphone cameras or in poor weather conditions end up being tarnished by unwanted noise. However, ACDSee provides an enhanced tool to effectively reduce or even remove noise entirely. There are also many different blur styles to choose from, including one for achieving a bokeh effect.

New in Version 20

ACDSee is the result of years of research and development, and the latest version sports many important improvements to design and functionality. It’s also faster and more responsive, and the interface is more customizable than ever. Thanks to enhanced performance in the latest version, there are even more filtering options available alongside an improved noise reduction algorithm and powerful gradient tools. You can also make your workflow your own by moving, stacking, and docking toolbars in such a way that the software can better suit your preferred working environment and style.

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