Erase Hard Drive with [email protected] KillDisk

Our computers are an important part of many of our lives and we use them for so many things; not just for entertainment and communication. Internet banking is also popular as well as online shopping. Exchanging financial details over the web is an everyday thing for many of us and most people’s computers contain plenty of sensitive information. With all of this data, it is certainly an important thing to think about if you come to selling your hard drive or computer or other device containing personal data. Regardless of where the data is stored, there are situations where you really do need to get rid of it. This is where [email protected] KillDisk can help.

If people sell their computer or give them to another person, they often don’t think about the importance of properly deleting sensitive data. Those who are a little more familiar with the risks of not taking action to erase hard drive may simple format the disk and repartition it. This is not actually effective enough, since data which has been deleted in the normal way is often recoverable. There are literally dozens of programs out there which can be used to recover deleted data in the vast majority of cases. To make data unrecoverable and to protect your identity and other sensitive information, you need a third-party program such as [email protected] KillDisk.

[email protected] KillDisk supports every version of Windows as well as many other operating systems. In fact, since it runs off its own bootdisk, it is O/S independent. This small but powerful program is easy to set up and use, designed for inexperienced users as well as anyone of any other level of experience. When you use this program, all data will be completely destroyed and it will never be recoverable under any circumstances. Make doubly sure before using it that you have backed up or transferred any important data! The program works with any kind of digital media. Erase hard drive, flash drive, an external drive a floppy disk and virtually anything else.

[email protected] KillDisk works by overwriting data rather than simply marking it as free space. Normally when you delete a file in the standard way, the space previously occupied by that file is marked as free space. This means that, eventually, other programs and file transfers will overwrite it, at least in part. Until then the data is still recoverable, at least partly depending on these factors. Overwriting the data multiple times makes it totally impossible to recover.

[email protected] KillDisk supports 17 security standards used in various countries. When you run the program, it will provide all information about the partitions on your hard drive or other media. This includes hidden partitions such as recovery partitions. You can then choose which partition or entire drive you want to completely erase. The process may take quite a while on larger hard drives, but it is still the quickest and safest method to guarantee that your data will never fall into the wrong hands. Find out more at .

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