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People often talk about the internet as a way to freely access information in complete anonymity. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Almost every website you visit records information about your browsing sessions, for example. While this information doesn’t include any personally identifiable data in most cases, not everyone wants their browsing habits to be known by the companies behind them. In fact, people leave a huge trail of information with every digital activity they partake in. That’s why you’re probably used to seeing personalized advertisements based on the websites you’ve already visited. Although things like GDPR legislation enforce websites to be more transparent about what sort of data they collect from visitors, sometimes people just want to browse the web anonymously.

That’s just one of the more common problems people face when wanting to protect their anonymity while browsing the internet. Another common issue people encounter is when they’re travelling abroad, and they want to use the same websites and online services that they’re used to back home. For example, Netflix is only available in a handful of countries because of international licensing laws. If you’re travelling to a country where it isn’t yet available, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows. This is just one example – many websites change whenever you go abroad. Even Google automatically defaults to the local language and delivers different search results as soon as you step outside of your home country. While that might be convenient for local people, it’s a common annoyance for those on holiday, living abroad or travelling extensively for work.

Aside from local content restrictions and the general lack of privacy when using the modern internet, there’s also a more serious concern. These days, many people work on the move or from public venues like cafes, restaurants or even the local park. Many of these venues have open wireless networks which, while convenient, present a serious security and privacy risk to their users. With specialized software, hackers can listen in on the traffic being sent between your device and an unsecured local router. Unless that traffic is encrypted, they can steal it and sell it on the dark web. That’s why you should never use a public network for things like online shopping or banking or handling any other kind of sensitive information.

Using the Web Safely, Anonymously and Without Restrictions

What if you could take back your online freedom and browse the websites and access the online services you want without fear of a data breach? A virtual private network encrypts and reroutes all your traffic through an external server to protect your data and anonymity. VyprVPN offers servers in multiple states and countries, which also allows you to browse the web from the geographical region of your choice. It’s not just convenient – it’s safer as well. Developers Golden Frog have just released a new version too – 2.16.2 makes installation and updates faster, and the performance has been improved with better ping and flag behavior and PPTP connectivity. If you’re ready to take back control over the way you use the internet, take a look at today.

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