Make it Easier for Users to Upload Photos to Your Site with Aurigma Up iPhone Uploader

In spite of its vast range of features and reliable, fully-featured Safari web browser, the iPhone lacks the simple feature of making it easy to upload a photo from your phone to a website. When you build a website in which you want people to be able to upload photos, you probably want to be able to reach the largest audience possible. Considering that millions of people own a version of the iPhone, missing out on iPhone users can be a grave mistake. Being by far the most popular smartphones in the world, any site with a photo upload or sharing feature should use an iPhone uploader component to overcome this problem. The only other options are to build an iPhone upload application and get it approved and published on Apple’s AppStore. This is hardly practical for most people and, after all, not a great deal of people will ever download the application anyway, even if you market it extensively.

Fortunately, Aurigma Up is here to help. This is a completely alternative way to make an iPhone uploader feature possible for any website. It is such a small and simple program, yet it makes it possible to do something very important, ultimately allowing your site to reach a wider audience including all users of iPhones and iPads. It adds the ‘Browse’ button to the included Safari web browser, allowing everyone using an iPad or iPhone to easily and quickly upload a file from their computer directly into the browser. Absolutely no special knowledge or experience is required. It is simply a matter of a few self-explanatory clicks.

Aurigma Up is a universal iPhone uploader utility which can be easily integrated with any website. Basically, it acts as a bridge between any photos stored on your iPhone or iPad and the website. The feature works flawlessly with the iPhone and iPad’s default included web browser – Safari.

From a user’s perspective, a simple 5-step procedure is all that is needed to upload a photo to a website. Firstly, the user needs to open your website in the Safari browser. Browsing the site as they would any other, they need to reach the upload section of the page. At this point, they can press the ‘Upload Files’ link and then the integrated Aurigma Up application will be launched, allowing you to continue. Users can then add photos stored on their iPhone or iPad to the list of files to be uploaded. Shots can even be taken directly from the device’s built-in camera. Once the files have been chosen, the user simply needs to press the ‘Start Upload’ button and finally, when the upload is complete, Aurigma Up will close automatically and return you to the website.

Integrating the iPhone uploader component to your website is a fairly straightforward procedure that even amateur web developers should have no problem with. You can download and purchase the product at . A detailed documentation is also provided to thoroughly explain the integration procedure and how to use the feature once it is part of your site.

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