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  • June 7, 2018

Many of us have experienced that dreaded feeling of being unable to start up the computer and then wondering whether all the files on the hard disk have disappeared as well. Whether you’ve fallen victim to a malicious software attack, your hardware has failed, or just plain old human error is to blame, you might assume that your only option left is to format the drive and start over or, if necessary, replace any component parts. Another option is to use your original operating system DVD or other media or a startup disk, but these are rarely effective. Furthermore, starting from scratch means losing everything on the drive, at least if you’re planning to reinstall the operating system. Fortunately, there is another option before you start thinking about taking your computer in to a technician.

Start Up Your Computer with an Independent Operating Environment

[email protected] Boot Disk works because it doesn’t rely on your operating system like most software. Instead, it comes in the form of a bootable disk with its own self-contained operating environment that works independently of your hard drive. As such, it allows you to start up a computer that otherwise won’t boot or even has no operating system installed. In fact, you can also use it even if you don’t have a hard disk installed in the machine. Based on the Windows 10 build 1709 environment, you’ll be greeted with an instantly familiar interface complete with extensive customization options, including the ability to configure desktop shortcuts for custom tools and create your own user menus. Your preferences can be saved to a USB drive and restored whenever you boot up, no matter which system you’re using.

Access All the Latest Disk Utilities from LSoft Technologies

Whether your goal is to recover data from a damaged or formatted hard drive or to securely erase data so that it can never be recovered, this suite of powerful tools has you covered. You can recover and reorganize partitions, back up your data, recover individual files, change and access passwords and even make full byte-by-byte images of your entire hard drive or other storage media. [email protected] Boot Disk includes the latest versions of Disk Image, UNDELETE, File Recovery, Partition Recovery and Password Changer. All tools are easy to use and provide advanced features for expert users as well. In addition to the robust lineup of disk utility tools, it ships with various everyday applications, including a calculator, notepad, image viewer, document viewer, task manager, registry editor and partition manager. There are also internet utilities, such as a web browser, and various networking utilities allowing you to configure your network.

How to Recover or Securely Delete Data

Many people don’t realize that conventional methods of deleting data, such as by formatting a drive or emptying the recycle bin, don’t delete anything. All these operations do is alter the master file table, which is effectively a database containing the locations and information about different files and folders. Nothing gets deleted until it is overwritten, and sometimes data even needs to be overwritten multiple times to ensure it will never be recoverable. If you want to recover deleted data, the included UNDELETE, File Recovery and Partition Recovery can exploit this opportunity to help you get back what you’ve lost. On the other hand, if you want to ensure that data will never be recovered, you can use the included KillDisk utility to sanitize the entire drive.

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