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Optical character recognition (scan to text) software allows you to take printed documents and scan them in using any scanner or multifunction printer, and in some cases, even a camera, and turn any text into an editable document. MiceText is one such application, designed to offer precise scans in less time. It provides a user-friendly interface making it easy to use straight out of the box, even if you have never used OCR software before. It will recognize the printed text without making any changes other than turning the text into an editable document. For anyone who regularly needs to archive printed documents digitally, MiceText is a must-have program. Companies typically have to deal with huge amounts of invoices, letters and other documents, and being able to have a safe digital backup of such files is often essential.

Since MiceText creates editable documents out of the scanned images, the resulting file sizes also tend to be much smaller than keeping a high-resolution scanned image on the computer. This means less storage space in addition to the convenience of being able to easily edit the documents just as you would with any other document file. This solution offers an optimal experience for anyone requiring OCR software. It also recognizes a large range of different fonts and languages without having a major impact on the speed and efficiency of scanning. Even if the original printed document has not been scanned in very well (for example, the text is tilted to one side), this program should still not have any problem recognizing it and translating it into editable content.

Unlike a lot of OCR software, MiceText does not attempt to automatically ‘correct’ or modify words. This might not sound like an advantage, but actually it is. When OCR software attempts to correct words and spellings, it often leads to more errors or making inaccurate copies of the original content. This can change the entire meaning of a sentence, whereas MiceText just scans and saves the contents exactly as it is supposed to. In conclusion, it copies the document literally rather than using a dictionary recognition technique as many similar products do. Even more impressively, the program is capable of learning to recognize unusual fonts in just a few hours, making it one of the most versatile of such applications currently on the market.

MiceText does not have high system requirements, and it should work on any computer running Windows. Using the software couldn’t be easier, and absolutely no previous experience of OCR software is requited. It is an ideal solution for both professional and production applications as well as in the home and small businesses. There is a separate version called the Home Edition specifically for those on lower budgets who do not need quite the same range of features that many corporate users require. With the ability to learn new fonts quickly, scan directories for changes, a graphics filter and numerous other features to help customize the results, MiceText is the ultimate solution. It can handle thousands of documents in a day with ease. Find out more at .

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