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  • May 26, 2010

Meeting deadlines with every detail taken into account: every person wishes to settle pressing issues like this.

The rapid rhythm of modern life makes us give up unimportant things and pay attention only to high-priority tasks. Sometimes we have no time even to stop and understand what is going on in the whirl of our problems. But it is not difficult to find some time for pleasant trifles. Just imagine how much brighter, richer and more fascinating your life can get if you manage to do everything in time.

Planning is an important stage in achieving your aims: from making purchases to settling business issues. A scheduler, notebook, phone book – these are things any typical office worker has at hand. Add all kinds of papers, charts, schedules to it… And now just think how easier it would be to control all this information with the help of a single program!

The LeaderTask business organizer allows you to plan tasks, set strategic aims, manage ongoing projects, take notes, keep contact information and has other features necessary for every business person. The intuitive interface of the LeaderTask organizer allows you to use the program without studying its features the number and scale of which can hardly be overestimated.

It is possible to add records in the organizer in two comfortable forms most computer users are accustomed to. The tree-like structure is convenient for highlighting high-priority tasks and dividing global issues into smaller tasks. The calendar view allows you to evaluate the scale of your activities and highlight current actions. The combined use of these two forms helps to select the most important problems and settle all issues in time.

LeaderTask will become an indispensable assistant to business people in their work. It has a lot of advantages over paper organizers: it does not occupy physical space, it is mobile (you can use it on a USB drive that will always be with you), it can be synchronized with Outlook, Google Calendar, PPC, PDA, it supports conversion into most of the popular formats (iCal, cvs, excel, txt). Another characteristic feature of the organizer is its customizable settings. Every user can customize the interface according to their needs and preferences: the location of the main toolbars, the colors of tabs and categories, icons, the appearance of the task tree and much more.

It is easy to navigate through lots of tasks, notes and contacts in the organizer if you use multiple-aspect filters. It does not matter whether the query is related to a place, event or person – anyway, you will get the necessary information right away. Filtering gives you a clear idea of upcoming events. “Navigation” and “Bookmarks” are based on filtering. They also participate in active search in order to complete all tasks in time.

A schedule full of events makes you prioritize tasks. What should be done first? Make you own decision about the priority of a task and mark it accordingly. The most important things will not slip your mind in this case. The “Reminder” feature will be a reliable assistant in this respect: it will remind you about an upcoming task, a birthday or overdue tasks.

It is a rule in the modern computerized society to have all necessary documents at hand. If you are a director or a top manager, it is especially important to stay in touch: planning tasks, meetings, managing project and employees… With the LeaderTask organizer, it is easy to keep your finger on the pulse without missing a single event. However, not only business people, but also other users, including housewives, will appreciate the advantages of this organizer. It is no less important to plan shopping and everyday chores.

Applications built into the LeaderTask organizer will help to plan your time in a smart way. A notebook for everyday notes, a task scheduler for long-term planning, a calendar with notes, an address book with a lot of fields for entering contact information – anyone understands the necessity of these feature without any explanations. The LeaderTask organizer offers more features and guarantees that you feel comfortable working with these applications.

The “Personal Information Manager” deserves special attention. The powerful personal organizer is based on usability and functionality. You can easily use it to plan your work and make it as effective as possible. With the “Manager”, you will never lose contact information. The built-in address book has an extended version that will allow you to enter not only the main information about a contact, but also your own notes (terms of work with the client, the company’s specialization) and attach files (documents, charts, images), which will be useful during the process of building a relationship. Such client history (paid bills, completed tasks, unsettled issues) will help you success in your business.

You can store any information in the “Personal Information Manager”: files, charts, images, notes. You can easily attach an image, save a hyperlink to a useful website, write down an interesting idea in the “Notes” section that is designed to quickly enter data.

You can also entrust the LeaderTask organizer with confidential information that is always with us. Passwords, PIN codes, reports, agreements, personal diaries – any data will be securely protected. The “Password Manager” stores personal information in an encrypted form. You can enter there not only codes, passwords, bank account and credit card numbers, but also information about your contacts in the “Notes” section. Your personal notes will be hidden from anyone else’s eyes.

The workflow of a business person is always based on documentation. LeaderTask saves the necessary files in its own database and you can view them separately or linked to some particular event. The “Data Container” allows you to store documents of various formats and also to store the image you need. Sometimes internal resources are not enough to maintain the normal activity and you have to view additional sources of information. The LeaderTask “Data Container” can store links to external files that you can open if necessary.

Any activity, no matter in what field, is often connected with cycles. Despite an accepted workflow, solving similar tasks takes a lot of time and makes you bring to mind the stages of the process. The LeaderTask offers a simple way out: create templates. When there is a ready algorithm for completing a similar task at hand, the current task is always completed in the best possible way. At the same time, it is much easier to introduce minor changes in a strictly organized structure than to go through all stages in a project.

And the most important thing is that you will never lose your groundwork and ideas due to the reliable backup system. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes. The LeaderTask organizer will help you recover lost and even deleted information. The backup system allows you to work with several versions of data, roll back to the old database and also recover tasks from the backup copy. Confidence of keeping everything is safe helps to move ahead without any fears.

The LeaderTask organizer is designed not only for individual use. The multi-user version is designed for network installation and it will allow all employees to evaluate the features of the organizer. Quick information exchange, shared resources, distributed and assigned tasks, project completeness is the basis for the company’s effectiveness.

Make your life bright and complete, never miss important events, take part in interesting events with the help of the reliable LeaderTask that has many features!

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