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  • Dicembre 20, 2011

Have you ever wondered how to Tie a Tie, How to
get Six pack Abs, or How to Delete a Facebook account? Now matter
what your question, the WikiHow app will surely have the answer
you need. WikiHow is the worlds collaborative how to manual. It
has 120,000+ how to articles to help you answer any question that
comes your way. WikiHow articles are read by tens of millions of
people from multiple countries, and new articles are created every
day. The articles can be edited by anyone, and so the content
changes every day. Each edit can be seen on the list of recent
changes. The edits are reviewed constantly by volunteer editors,
and poor edits are quickly reverted.

Once you launch the app, the home page shows you
the list of featured articles. Click on an article of interest to
view more information. Articles contain step-by-step instructions,
along with list of things you will need, and tips and warnings.
Links to related WikiHow articles are also displayed. Most
articles contain images along with the step by step instructions,
so it’s easier for you to understand. Some articles might
even contain how-to videos. Clicking on the menu button will
display options, to share the article with friends, or select text
that can be saved to clipboard.

Click on the ‘Search’ option provided
at the bottom of the screen, to search through the huge list of
articles. You can also view the list of featured articles by
category. Some of the top categories, included are: ‘Arts &

Entertainment’, Cars & other vehicles’, ‘Computers
& Electronics’, ‘Food & Entertaining’,
‘Finance Business & Legal’, ‘Heath’,
‘Hobbies & Craft’, ’Pets & Animals’,
’Relationships’, ‘Sports & Fitness’,’

Travel’, ‘Philosophy & Religion’, etc.

You can also contribute by writing new articles
or fixing inaccuracies. Find a suggested topic to write about, or
help someone by responding to their how-to request. Editing an
article is easy, simply click on the Edit link, and you’ll
enter Edit mode. Here you can edit the entire article, and add or
delete anything that you think should be changed to improve the
article. WikiHow is a great way for you to reach a huge audience,
and some authors have a readership exceeding one million people.
WikiHow provides free, unbiased, accurate instructions on every
topic imaginable. It’s truly the ultimate how-to guide for
the world.


  • 120,000+ Articles to help you answer any question that
    comes your way
  • Articles can be edited by anyone, and therefore improve
    over time, as more people contribute their unique knowledge and

  • It provides free, unbiased, accurate information on every
    topic imaginable
  • Articles contain step-by-step instructions, with pictures,
    lists of things you will need, and Tips & warnings.

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