Smell Raiser will provide endless hours of fun side-scrolling gameplay!

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  • September 28, 2012

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Help Spiffy – a skunk on a mission, explore the lands of the unknown and travel as far as he can, in this edge-of-your-seat arcade game. The protagonist of this adventure is Spiffy –The smell Raiser, and all he wants is to traverse through the different exotic locations, and collect stars, while evading the dangerous creatures that live there. Smell Raiser has awesome graphics, an adorable protagonist, as well as a cool soundtrack. The game is brought to you by Playcaso a multi-platform casual, social gaming company focused on delivering games across smartphones, tablets and other emerging connected platforms. Side-scrolling awesomeness is back, and is here to stay!

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The game controls are very easy. Use simple jump combination controls to help spiffy collect stars and travel as far as possible. Simply, tap the screen once to make Spiffy jump. Tap the screen twice for a double jump. For a high jump, press and hold down. Grab the stars to earn points. Collect stars in a chain to get score multipliers and increase your score. Collect three air starts in a row to activate air range mode, and unleash spiffy’s alter ego. Try to avoid exotic creatures such as Venus flytraps, terror worms, etc. One bite from these is enough to kill Spiffy and you will have to start over again. Only a double jump can save you from the terror worms.

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You will need to time your jumps properly as well as decide what kind of jump you want to take. Jumping over the terror worms will take some practice. The game tests your reflexes as well as your skill. There are several achievements waiting for you to unlock. E.g. Travel 1000 meters, Make a chain of 5 X stars, highest jump, Get 10 X multiplier, Activate the wings mode, etc. Smell Raiser features 3 exotic colorful environments, and full HD graphics support. You can share your scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It is Openfeint enabled, so you can view the leaderboards and achievements. Smell Raiser is a fun jump-and-run game that will provide endless hours of fun side-scrolling gameplay.

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  • 3 exotic, colorful environments
  • Simple on-touch controls
  • Endless hours of side-scrolling gameplay
  • Timed jumps and double jumps to escape treacherous traps!
  • Unleash Spiffy’s alter ego in Air range mode
  • Evade Venus flytraps, terror worms and more!
  • Full HD graphics support
  • Share your scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Openfient enabled.

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