A new simple, but powerful currency converter application for your mobile device!

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  • Settembre 7, 2012

Currency Exchange is a simple, but powerful currency converter application for your mobile device. It supports currency conversion between 150+ currencies. On the home screen you have two tabs: Converter, and Favorites. Click on the converter tab to view the conversion rate for a selected currency pair. Below them you can also view the currency chart for that pair. On the chart you can view the data for different time ranges (1day, 5days, 1month, 3months, 1year, and 5 years). The intraday charts will help you time entry points, while the longer time period will help you understand the general trend for that currency pair. Charts can also be viewed in large screen mode.

To pick a different currency, simply click on the currency symbol. A new pop-up window will be displayed showing the list of currencies available. There is a “Search” bar at the top of the screen, which you can use to search for your desired currency. You can also favorite a currency right from this window. This will add it to the “Favorites” list to be used in the Favorites tab. Once you do a conversion, the app remembers your selection the next time you run the application. The app automatically detects your country and currency and makes this your base currency. Click on the “Favorites” tab to convert your currency into all of your favorite currencies.

Click on the update icon below the tab to update the currency rate. Even if you close the application, the update will keep running in the background. The app needs network connectivity to obtain the latest conversion rate. In the absence of network connectivity, the previous values will be displayed. You can set the number of decimals to be used for the currency rate in the settings menu. The flags for each Country are displayed next to the currency symbol. You can share the app with friends via Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter, Moxier Pro, or email. The app is created with Yahoo Finance API, so you can be sure that the data is 100% accurate. Currency exchange is a great app to check currency rates on the go.

• 150+ world currencies and 4 metals
• Set the number of decimal places
• Country flags for all currencies
• Currency graphs (1day – 5 years)
• Favorite currency list
• Live rates (various update intervals)

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