A great new classifieds app for instant selling, buying, renting and personal postings!

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  • January 25, 2012

Selloby is a life sharing classifieds mobile app for instant selling, buying, renting and personal postings. It is light, easygoing, fun and useful for everyday life. Selloby offers a wide range of possibilities to make your post a success, and makes the whole process as easy as possible. Allow Selloby to determine your location. It geolocates you by default, keeps your favorites, replies and drafts. Selloby also suggests actions, objects and popular prices. All actions in Selloby happen right here, right now- instant posting, instant photo making or uploading, instant feedback, no spam, or/and premoderation delay.

Once you launch the app, on the homescreen you are provided with three options- ‘Let me browse’, ‘How it works’, and ‘sign in’. Click on ‘Let me Browse’, to start browsing Ads. At the bottom of the screen you will find the options to view the feed, search for Ads, view favorites, messages, or your profile. You can search Ads by topic, by category, or view the feed to see featured ads. You can add an Ad to favorites, follow it, block it, or share it with friends via Facebook and Twitter. The “Follow” feature is a convenient instrumental for sifting through postings and give you the unique possibility of following interesting categories, objects, actions, cities, etc.

Selloby is a new creative approach to classifieds. It offers plenty of options to make posting quick, efficient, and simple. Type text using suggests and hash tags, and state the price or simply use price suggests for popular prices. You can take a picture or upload it from the library. Selloby uses hash tags-the easiest way to organize postings, fastest way to type, and the shortest way to post. Editing is easy, and you can make changes in any detail for sales appeal. Selloby lets you be anonymous, so you can search and post ads anonymously. It also has a useful Allow to call option, simply add the number and let others call you. Selloby is fast, free and easy to use. It is the best way to find anything you want instantly.


  • Take a picture or upload it from library
  • State the price or use price suggests
  • Instant posting, photo making or uploading, and feedback
  • Anonymity
  • Easy spam blocking
  • Type the text using suggests
  • Geolocates you by default, keeps your favorites, replies and drafts.

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