International Company: Eredi Baitelli Metal Turning

Eredi Baitelli is a brilliant example of a family business from the Italian province able to conquer international markets with the strong quality of its products and the reliability and competence of its employees.
Eredi Baitelli is a company dealing with high-precision metal turning since half a century.

One of the key points of the company’s philosophy is the approach with the markets and with clients.
Eredi Baitelli company always has a partnership approach with its customers, offering personalized services with high added value.
Eredi Baitelli supports customers in finding “ad hoc” solutions, providing a wide range of services, such as counseling technique for optimizing product, 100% inspection, warehouse safety, traceability and maximum flexibility in the timing of deliveries.

Eredi Baitelli accepted the challenge of internationalization and for several years has been implementing an internationalization process that gain the trust of important markets of Old Europe as German, French, Swiss and Austrian markets. In recent years Eredi Baitelli company has identified new emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil and it is developing a process of market penetration.
Eredi Baitelli is a solid and reliable company with more than half a century of history behind that looks with optimism and pragmatism to the challenges of the global markets.
Eredi Baitelli is specialized in high precision metal turning.
Eredi Baitelli high quality production is carried out by 26 multi-spindle automatic machines (Mori-Say 6:08 spindles, Schutte, Wickman) and a machine with a CNC multi-spindle bar capacity from 7 to 37 mm diameter for: brass, lead free alloys, aluminum AVP and steel. Production batches are minimum of 50,000 pieces.
The production of Eredi Baitelli finds application in industries requiring components of medium to high complexity and precision such as: automotive, pneumatics, HVAC and plumbing, faucets, household goods, gas fittings, valves.
Eredi Baitelli had always focused on quality and the company implemented human and material resources to guarantee the highest quality standards in processes and products. The authoritative recognition of the work done is the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system certification.
Eredi Baitelli has also been certified OHSAS 18001:200, thanks to the valid Safety and Health Workers system implemented by the company.
Eredi Baitelli has a “green heart”: the environmental policy is a fundamental part of the company mission. Specific measures have been undertaken to prevent and reduce any potential adverse environmental effects with precise control of air pollution, smoke removal systems, energy consumption, noise, waste management.

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