What Makes the Printer Ink Cartridges Costs So High

You might have questions regarding the high cost of replacement ink cartridges particularly when you find the original cost of your printer is relatively lower. Most of the cases, a replacement cartridges can cost around 75-80% of the cost of the original printer along with the cartridges!

Read on the following to know more about this, and also whether it is wise to opt for refilled cartridges or third party consumables instead of original branded ones.

There are many reasons why the cost of replacement cartridges is so very expensive. First of all, consider the ink cartridge; it is the advanced technological unit that is equipped with numerous features to make printing work go on smoothly. However, print head is the crucial component of printer which is responsible for producing millions of colors at resolutions of 600 dots per inch. In this sense, what the printer mechanism does is they make the print head to move from side to side across the page and feed the paper through!

The ink is also highly researched and formulated to have the right density and in order to avoid ink clogging and to deliver accurate precision and consistent results with each and every time you print. Print cartridges generally come in four colors- black, cyan, magenta and yellow. In order to produce a full range of colors, the print head utilizes advanced printing techniques that render flawless service and utmost picture quality.

Another piece of smart technology in your printer cartridge is a smart chip which notifies the printer about the level of ink remaining, and also whether the cartridge used is a genuine OEM cartridge. This feature has both positive and negative aspects, yet it is useful in the sense that it gives you notification how much ink is left, so that you can buy replacement, however some people assert that when the cartridge tells it is empty and fails to work there is still enough ink remaining.

Secondly, printer manufacturers earn maximum profit over their lifetime from the sale of replacement cartridges. The printer is sold at reduced price whereas their main profit gaining source is selling replacement cartridges. So, it is worth purchasing refilled cartridges or compatibles to save money on printing cost. The manufacturers may point to the warranty on the printer being cancelled however this is not the case, and you are not likely to do any permanent damage through choosing a compatible or refill.

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