High Volume Prolific Online Article Writers Could Assist AI Software Programmers

Currently with all the world’s information online computer scientists are finding how unique each of our online signatures really are. You see, we tend to form habits in our searching, content choices, and in our online writing whether it be articles, blog posts, tweets, or social media conversations. Our writing style and searching choices are actually quite personal, almost like a thumb print perhaps. Okay so, let’s talk about this and what it might mean for the future of “internet privacy” for ourselves and our families.
First, might I suggest that “internet privacy” could indeed be an oxy-moron? It sure seems to be on odd-even days. Now then, over the years, I have saved all of the articles I’ve produced in Microsoft Word files, some segregated by category, it spans about 700-categories and everything from simple Internet “fluff topics, to rather serious articles – in total 28,682 of these articles. Because of this, I have a very solid online “footprint” of my writing style. Thus, if I were to create an article, post it under a different name, someday, someone in the future could figure out that it was me and not the supposed pseudonym.
In other words, you cannot run nor hide from the Internet, your writing style will give you away, and the more you write the harder it will be to conceal who you are, if indeed you choose to. It also means that terrorists or mischief seekers can’t hide either, which in turn makes the Internet a better place and a better space for human communication. In fact it also makes it much safer as well. Okay so, now for the pitch. It is my contention that if you are a prolific online article writer with perhaps 100s or 1000s of online articles, then you should submit your library of produced article to the cause.
That is to say allow computer programmers, algorithm writers, and software engineers to help hone their Artificial Intelligent systems to become more accurate. The better accuracy the less chance of false positives, and also the better chance to catch instigator terrorist types from wreaking havoc on the world’s greatest communication device ever created; the internet.
Do you see that point? I hoped you might. If we have a couple 1000 prolific online writers assist in the data needed, we could indeed come up with a very good system to protect the online users, and make it safer and more transparent for all. Please consider all this and think on it.

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