An Essential SQL Query Tool for Developers and Users of Databases

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  • Marzo 25, 2010

From ActiveDBSoft comes the ideal SQL query tool, an essential solution for developers and users of databases. The software is designed to be user-friendly, providing an innovative interface that allows you to easily and quickly create queries on a number of different databases. It does not require a special knowledge of SQL syntax or other advanced areas, making it easier to use than other solutions while still providing you with the advanced features that developers need. This software is designed to make your work easier, giving you all the tools that you need to work in a more productive and optimal way with your data.

The FlySpeed SQL Query program also offers extensive support for a number of different desktop-based databases and other database servers. You can use the software to access servers such as Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, MS Access, MySQL and Firebird, all natively. It also supports various lesser known database servers in addition to complete support for specific SQL forms for all supported databases. Versatile and effective, this solution will greatly speed up the process of making SQL queries.

Other programs that claim to do the same thing are rarely as fast, easy and as efficient as FlySpeed SQL Query. Accessing your data with this software is easier than ever before, thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface. This way, you can get fast and easy access to all of the data stored in your database objects. The query builder is also visually based, still allowing you to build complex queries.

An SQL editor is also part of the program, making completion of code easier thanks to syntax highlighting. You also have the methods at your disposal for quick retrieval of data and sorting and summarizing that data. The software has complete support for the Unicode standard, meaning that you can easily work in different languages as well. The standard version alone also provides you with a number of advanced features such as the ability to export data to document formats like Excel, text format or HTML amongst others. Data may also be exported to the PDF format. All of this simply takes a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Exporting data for review and printing has never been so easy as it is with this SQL query tool. You can save a lot of time over doing such tasks manually and a lot of the tasks that you can use this software to carry out for you cannot be completed in any other practical way.

To find out more about the FlySpeed SQL Query tool, pay a visit to the product website at Here you will find a detailed overview of the product in addition to screenshots, program requirements and customer support. There are also a number of different editions available depending on your requirements. All that is required on your part is a basic knowledge of SQL and you can start taking advantage of the program’s abundant features straight away.

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