Typing Software Will Help You to Become a Professional Typist Quickly

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  • March 19, 2010

Learning how to type correctly, like the professionals, by touch-typing, is not one of those things that simply comes naturally to the majority of people. Nonetheless, if you use a decent typing software solution, you can quickly eliminate any bad habits that you have developed when it comes to typing and replace them with the correct method of touch-typing. With good typing software to help you, the learning process can be much faster and more rewarding.

However, much of the typing software out there is extremely tedious to use, the learning curve often being a long and frustrating one. With poor typing software, users often end up growing bored very quickly and thus they give up. However, there are exceptions and there are some extremely effective typing tutors on the market that can actually make the learning process quite enjoyable as well as highly effective and motivational.

From comes Rapid Typing Tutor, one of those typing software solutions that offers an innovative and user-friendly interface. Enjoyable to use, it makes the learning process seem more like a recreational thing than a chore. The lessons are all planned out in such a manner that they are a breeze to work through for both children and adults. Using such a powerful and innovative method of learning how to type means that you can learn touch-typing quickly.

So that you can monitor your progress and help to motivate yourself, the program also provides you with detailed statistics. This way you can see how your skills are improving as you work at your own pace through the carefully planned lessons. The degree of motivation this offers is also a very welcome and you will be able to see just how fast your skills are improving. It is very likely that you will surprise yourself when you start using this typing software!

The interface is extremely effective also, offering you an abundance of visual aids coupled with a very user-friendly method of using the program. No longer do you need to be fobbed off with drab and boring typing tutors, as this program includes everything you need to make the process an enjoyable one.

Customized lessons and entire courses are also supported so that you can have the program tailor to your individual requirements. This is invaluable if you want to get the most out of your skills as they advance. You can also use customized lessons to help you focus on specific areas of your typing abilities which need improvement. For example, you can use these lessons to focus on specific sets of keys as well as have a customized keyboard layout if you prefer.

With an onscreen virtual keyboard, you can see exactly where your hands should be placed on the keyboard and which fingers should focus on which keys. In no time at all, this will become second nature to you.

Best of all, Rapid Typing Tutor is also completely free. You can also find out more about the program at

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