How to Improve Your Typing Abilities with Typing Software

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  • April 28, 2010

Learning how to type has long been a tedious and repetitive task which is often not greatly helped by poor typing software. A lot of typing software is annoying and boring to use, however, these days there are some exceptions. If you use good typing software, you can learn how to touch type in the shortest time possible and even enjoy the process. With decent typing software, you can quickly erase your old habits and learn the correct ones. Learning how to type does not have to be a chore and one typing tutor that is not only highly effective, but one that can also bring some fun into the learning process is Rapid Typing Tutor, from

This highly innovative and effective solution is a perfect example of one of the more successful and user-friendly typing software solutions. Complete with a user-friendly and colorful interface, the software is also offered for free. Rapid Typing Tutor presents its lessons in such a manner that they are pleasurable, easy and progressive to follow, making the task of improving your typing skills a pleasure for both children and adults alike. You can also enjoy being motivated by a detailed set of statistics which are presented to you as you progress through the program. This way, you will be able to see how your typing skills are improving as you go, and also be able to distinguish the areas of your skills that still need some improvement.

Rapid Typing Tutor also comes with many visual aids in its colorful interface. This helps to make the process a lot less tedious than some of the more old fashioned typing programs. You can instead easily monitor your progress through a series of diagrams and tables which will be presented to you at the end of each typing lesson. This provides you with a detailed analysis that you can then use to focus on specific areas of your skills and see exactly how you are improving.

Customized lessons are also supported by this typing tutor. This means that this typing software can properly cater to your individual requirements. This is particularly useful to truly optimize your skills and dramatically improve your productivity. These customized lessons also provide you with a great opportunity to improve specific areas of your typing abilities which are letting down your overall progress. For example, you can easily formulate lessons that focus on specific sets of keys. In addition, you can use different keyboard layouts rather than simply be stuck with the standard ones.

An on-screen virtual keyboard is also used, which shows which keys which fingers should press. Showing you the correct placement of your hands is essential, as once you get into the correct habits, they will become second nature in no time. This not only makes typing faster, but also more accurate and more comfortable. You can start using the software today, without paying a single cent. You will no doubt be very impressed at what this typing software can do for you.

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