Too Much Pressure Will Ruin the Brush

Applying too much force can ruin a brass brush, but if done properly the brass brush is the best to produce a clean barbecue. The reason for this is that the brass bristles are more pliable and get into the tight spaces where steel bristles can’t go.
The he-man who really applies the pressure to the charred gunk when scrubbing with a brass brush is going to ruin the brush and will not have a cleaner grill to show for it. This will probably not work as an rationale to get the lady of the house to do the cleaning, but she would no doubt do it better!
Everyone who does some cooking on an outdoor barbecue should know that it is important to have an effective brush to scour the grill for the most enjoyment of the barbecue and to avoid cooking on a cruddy surface the next time . It is hard to believe, but not all outdoor chefs understand this, and many grillers simply go along without this necessary implement or with an inferior model of brush.
Having a good brush definitely adds to the pleasure of grilling for anyone who does a little or a lot of grilling. Although any brush is better than none, having the brush which is going to result in a clean cooking surface is going to result in a much happier cleanup experience.
Most people prefer the brush with the brass bristles, because brass is more flexible and permits getting into narrow places where a steel bristle cannot reach. According to an official of Do-Be Products, “A few people think that the stiff steel bristles are preferable, because they don’t crush as easily and therefore they think that steel will have a longer life than the brass bristles. Actually this is not the case, and the brass bristles, if used properly, will last just as long as the steel bristles.”
The big issue for the super-macho barbecue cook is that he figures that more pressure means a cleaner cooking surface. This is, of course, true to a point, but a degree of restraint is in order here. Pressing down very hard on the brass bristles will cause mashing and permanent deformity, making the brush useless. Application of only a slight pressure, however, will permit the brass brush to get the grill cleaner than the steel (the flexible brass bristles clearly get better penetration) without ruining the bristles.
So the lesson here is loud and clear: Take it easy when scrubbing the grill, and a brass brush will serve you well.

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