How to Install Rug Tiles on Your Own

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  • August 9, 2012

Do you want having carpet floor tiles installed but you do not need the expense of paying for r
these to be fitted for you? r
You do not need to worry since even if you are inexperienced, r
setting them up is really easy.

Here are the materials and r
measures that you need to know if you do decide to install r
floor covering tiles on your own:

1. You need to have a set of carpet tiles (brand new, second hand, or used), ruler or measuring tape, a new marker pen, a clear tile cutter, an excellent set of heavy duty r
scissers, a damp mop, and a good quality r
carpeting tile adhesive.

2. Measure the area in which you want to install carpeting tiles using the ruler or measuring tape.

3. Check the tiles to find out if they fit the exact sizes that you have just received. You can even lay-r
out the tiles temporarily so you can come with an overall view of how it would look like. Get r
rid of furniture and other home appliances when you r
are doing the lay-out.

4. In case you do need to remove a tile, invest r
some time in measuring which means you won’t r
make a mistake. Mark the area where you need to make the cut using the marker pen. Eliminate the tile based on your measurement r
by using a sharp cutter as well as heavy duty r
scissors. If you utilize a cutter, make sure that you cut the porcelain tile, on a surface that r
cannot be damaged by the cutter’s knife. Make a r
small mark at the back of the carpet to avoid r
confusion when you are generating than one cut ceramic tile. Some even come with online arrow markings at the back and that means you won’t get wrongly identified as the r
direction that you are laying out the r

5. Stack the actual tiles in the very same order after r
you have finished cutting tiles and also laying them out there, so you can easily put them out r
later on without having to search for the correct tile.

6. It is crucial that the surface is dry and r
clean so that the glue securities properly so, thoroughly clean r
the surface to which the particular tiles will be attached, r
using a damp steamer and let it dry or check in this r

7. Apply the carpet floor tile adhesive in a small area r
(at least 4 floor tiles per quadrant) based on the maker’s instructions. This allows you sufficient time to lay out r
the actual tiles without operating too fast because r
the mastic might dry out. It is highly recommended that you begin at the corner or near the wall r
membrane to be sure that the flooring fit properly.

8. Return all the furnishings and appliance that you just removed from the room.

9. Take a step back, go through the carpet tiles, and r
provide yourself a pat about the back for your great.

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