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  • Agosto 27, 2010

Many people are concerned about downloading free games, due to the number of unscrupulous sites out there which exist only to scam users. There are sites out there promising plenty but delivering nothing but intrusive advertising and, in the worst case scenarios, the risk of infecting your computer with malicious software. However, there are also genuine, honest resources on the web where you can download free games without having to worry about damaging your computer or putting your personal information at risk.

One of these sites is, a company that provides you with genuine, full, free games. With over 200 to choose from, from a constantly growing collection, there are full versions of popular games which cost absolutely nothing. All of the games are thoroughly checked for spyware or adware and anything else that could harm your computer or be detrimental to your free gaming experience. The site itself contains no intrusive advertising such as irritating pop-up ads and it is especially clean and user-friendly, being easy to navigate and find the games that you want. Instead of having to worry, the entire family can download free games as much as they want.

With plenty of different types of games to choose from, also provides a social networking feature, something which no modern game is complete without. offers many different genres, providing something for everyone. The free games on offer include everything from Action to Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Word, Patience, Shooting, Simulation, Racing and even more. There are games suitable for all ages and anyone in the family. Amongst the extensive collection, you will find some true gems, instant hits that you never even knew existed. For those who have more nostalgic tastes, there are also plenty of remakes of old classics, updated for modern computers for compatibility and more. There truly is something for everyone. was created about four years ago by enthusiastic gamers who also happened to be web developers and software developers. Tired of the sham sites promising free games out there, they decided to start up a site where gamers can download free games without having to worry about the consequences. All of the games on offer are full versions with no game play limitations. Additionally, none of the games include any spyware or other malicious software which could harm your computer or your gaming experience.

Featuring new games in the ever-growing collection, provides a great resource for casual gamers to unwind without having to worry about the risks or the high costs of regular, retail games. With this site, you can enjoy hours of fun. All of the games on offer are sorted into categories and screenshots and overviews are also provided so you can easily find the games that you are most likely to enjoy. Get started today and unwind with!

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