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  • July 19, 2010

You may have downloaded a free game before only to find out a matter of hours later that you have unwittingly installed malicious software on your PC such as a Trojan which can steal your personal information. You have probably visited many websites looking for free games to try only to find that the sites are plagued by pop-ups, making them virtually unusable. However, there is no need to lose faith just yet. There are still legitimate companies out there which do allow you to download free games without constantly bothering you with intrusive advertising or risking installing malicious software on your computer.

One of these sites is, a place where you can find a genuinely safe and free resource where you can download free games as much as you like. With a constantly growing collection, there are currently more than two-hundred completely free games to choose from. None of the games contain any harmful software such as spyware or anything else that could damage your computer. The site itself does not have any intrusive advertising either, so you can navigate through the available games easily and quickly. With this site, the entire family can enjoy safely downloading the games of their choice without any worries. also provides various social networking components, a feature that no modern game should be without these days.

Of the free games to choose from, there are many different types and genres. There truly is something for everyone. Choose from adventure, puzzle, arcade, action, shooting, simulation, patience, word, racing and board games amongst many other types. There are games which become instant hits amongst remakes of old classics for those with more nostalgic tastes. There is plenty to choose from to keep you entertained and there are no limits on how many games you can download. was created about four years ago by gamers who are also programmers. Tired of the numerous scam sites out there seeking to rip people off in a number of ways, the creators of came up with an idea to offer a safe and genuine place where players can find the free games they want without having to be concerned for the security and safety of their computers.

Today, is a top place to visit for those who want safe, free entertainment through a huge collection of casual games. Also, all of the games on offered, while completely free, are full versions without any game play limitations. There are no shareware or trial versions – just good old-fashioned freeware.

With brand new games frequently being added, is the best place to go to unwind. Each game has a selection of screenshots and an overview as well to help you decide whether or not to download a particular game. To get started, visit

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