SQL Compare Tool to Compare and Synchronize SQL Server Databases Automatically

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  • June 30, 2009

Ongoing development of a database being used in a production system is extremely common. Database developers strive to invent numerous means of synchronizing database structures between development and production databases in order to apply any changes. Modifications of database structure are frequently unavoidable in order to facilitate enhancements or fix bugs. Unfortunately, the beaten path of creating database synchronization scripts for every small change of a structure is sub-optimal when it comes to data integrity, safety and effectiveness of the entire process.

SQL Examiner ( ) enables easy synchronization of database structures between development and production databases running under Microsoft SQL Server engine. SQL Examiner makes database development, maintenance, and hot-fixing easy and straightforward. Its implementation of database version control system enables MS SQL Server developers to synchronize database structures between development and production servers while preserving existing data. The advanced SQL compare engine analyzes changes in the database structure, creates a hot-fix, and applies the changes on the production server without affecting data already in the database.

Working with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005, and 2008, SQL Examiner supports all types of objects included with SQL Server. The advanced SQL compare engine can synchronize SQL databases with data backups, SQL scripts, production databases and database snapshots, making it possible to transfer changes in database structure between wide varieties of applications.

The new SQL compare engine of SQL Examiner attempts to keep all existing data in the production database. However, certain changes to the structure of a database can make data preservation impossible. For instance, a revised database structure can eliminate certain types of records, outlaw NULL values, or implement other changes that would render an updated database invalid. The SQL compare engine analyzes structural changes being applied, warning if any conflicts between the updated structure and existing data are found. The user can choose among several options, such as filling invalid entries with defaults, ignoring the conflict or canceling synchronization altogether. The available partial synchronization mode can only apply certain changes while ignoring the rest of the differences.

The SQL compare engine is fully able to perform complex synchronization jpbs, such as synchronizing dependent objects. The advanced SQL compare engine turns SQL Examiner into a comprehensive database version control system. The available command-line tool enables automated and scheduled updates. The free evaluation version of SQL Examiner is available for download at:

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