Is Your Furnace Set For Wintertime

Have you taken the time to properly prepare your furnace for the coming winter? Our furnace is among the most ignored and under-appreciated items in our home. We only realize the importance of our furnace when it fails to operate properly. There are a lot of things that ought to be considered when preparing your furnace for winter.

Does my filter need replaced?

In what condition is my igniter?

Are my vents cleaned or filled with dust and dirt?

How is my control panel?

Does my thermostat need examined?

Are the burners and stack operating properly?

Is there any leak in my gas line?

Such concerns should be resolved before your heating system shows indications of distress. Proper upkeep can help to eliminate a late night furnace failure. It can also help in saving you money in the long run.

Among one of the very best judgments a homeowner can make is to have their furnace inspected on a yearly basis. A heating professional can take some time to assess the safety of your system, as well as its functionality.


Most furnaces are natural gas fed combustion systems. They involve a gas feed that is ignited and blown into the duct work. When a furnaces gas feed is compromised, the safety and security of the entire household is at risk. Improper installation or a gas leak may be the culprit. In any event, an experienced furnace specialist can examine your unit and ensure that the gas feed is safe and the carbon monoxide detector is functioning. This is among the most important aspect of a functioning heating unit. Whenever dealing with gas lines and the internal workings of a furnace unit, a qualified professional really should be involved.


Many things can cause a furnace to break down. A pre-winter inspection can substantially minimize the chances of having an issue mid-winter. A heating specialist will make certain that all of the components of the unit are workable and have the ability to detect if certain components are likely to break down in the near future. They can also offer vital cleaning services like filter replacement and duct work cleaning. Filters should be switched out, at minimum, on a seasonal basis. This ensures that the unit will receive the proper amount of airflow in order to work most efficiently. A furnace with reduced airflow will not run at full capacity and can cause various problems.

Having your duct work cleaned is another crucial aspect of furnace maintenance. Many furnaces have integrated hypoallergenic and dust reducing systems. However, these systems should also be maintained for them to deliver the highest degree of dust elimination. Once dust and dirt collect in the duct works, they begin to be spread throughout your home. Having your ducts professionally cleaned will significantly reduce this problem and permit a much better functioning heating system.

The importance of furnace repair and maintenance can not be overlooked. When a unit is not inspected on a continuous basis, it can become a safety risk and the chances of a malfunction increase dramatically. Find time to get ready for winter. Call an experienced local heating professional and have them check out your heating system. It’s better to call them right now then to call them in an emergency.

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