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  • November 28, 2008


Because the pendants are little dolls and it is more appealing winking to the public suggesting a gift that manifests a feeling in a funny way. So nicely and also a little mischievous, if you want, to be mischievous indeed!
Because small shapes of pendants rocking in their frames as if playing in a swing, calling to mind the child inside each of us, the more inclined to genuine feeling, and amused. Others dress a hat and look like urchins. Or they wear the braids as girls during childhood, an age where nothing can be "sin" and where the misdeeds are just mischievous.
Others stay together in group as children during a game and seem to be having fun and amusing.


Express love with a Birikino by Lauraf means wanting to communicate your own feelings and give at the same time a joyful and winking connotation, alluding to the arrangement and the complicity of the game. It may be the love of a couple or of two friends. It gets on well with the cool as the elegant style, made authoritative by gold, but the mischievous name detracts the value at risk of being redundant (do not forget that this it is a pendant for mobile phone and the preciousness, if not balanced by an amused tone, is likely to be a little boaster)


Why FunKy? Because it means original, express oneself, trendy, fashion that is not conventional…because it plays the game with the general attitude of those who love feeling trendy or seize the trend, be trendy…funky. Because the K refers to the logo I BiriKini


Communicate your feelings (love, friendship, relationship, to a mother, to a father …) in an original way, amusing, nicely allusive.
Make a present to yourself and manifest your way of being mischievous, funny, cool, funky!
Make a present to yourself so you could remember so nicely that mischievous of your child.

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