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Age-Reversing Facials From New York To Los Angeles

Many celebrities look haggard after getting off the plane on the New York City and Los Angeles circuit or vice versa. This long flight can dry your skin and make it look dull, aging you years in the five hour flight.

This is why it’s crucial for them to know where to get a rejuvenating facial that will reverse their tired look and give them a refreshed looking complexion.

On either coast these artist must appear fresh and young looking and microcurrent facials can be relied upon as the go-to beauty treatment. So it goes without saying that they’ll choose the best day spa in NYC, like Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary or on the West Coast Kate Sommerville.

These five-star skincare spas on the East and West coasts provide well-crafted and custom treatments with just this demographic in mind, A list celebrities. These signature facials use the top anti-aging face care lines to conjure the healthiest age-defying skin.

So when they are ready to face the paparazzi they will do so with beautiful and glowing skin.

What treatments are offered with these Signature Facials?

Well that depends on the day spa you choose. One thing is for certain: the best and most noted skincare sanctuaries are well-versed in the treatments that are undeniably effective. These treatments are backed by celebrity endorsements, not so much by their spoke words but by the fact that they go there. This is their unspoken client testimonial and they go there because they work.

So there is no need for you to do some serious leg work. Just keep your eyes and ears peel because these celebs love to tell others, via magazine and TV interviews, were and who is helping them keep their healthy, glowing skin.

Microcurrent Facials Can Help You Get Rid Of Puffiness in Your Face

Microcurrent is the perfect way to lift your sagging jaw line and sculpted your face and bid adieu to puffiness as lymphatic drainage is improved and radiance takes hold. In the end the complexion is toned for an even flawless look.

Based out of Beverly Hills, My Beautiful Bare Skin has received rave 5-star reviews for their microcurrent facials that are on par with the deluxe Triple Crown facial exclusively available at Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.

Oxygen Skin Therapy

Oxygen treatments are a leading spa treatment in New York City And Los Angeles top spas. The Oxygen Purifying Facials provided at Joanna Vargas Salon, uses 98 % pure oxygen that is infused with a rejuvenating and hydrating serum.

Advance serums are delivered through this infusion to nourish the skin with a vitamin and mineral cocktail worthy of royalty. Fine lines, wrinkles and other nagging signs of the arrival of aging skin are held at bay.

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