Oxygen Facials for Clear Ageless Skin

At Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, one of the best day spas in New York City, the aestheticians are dedicated to providing the most natural face care products and treatments for aging skin. In addition to offering advice on eating well and tips on how to get clean clear skin, they are employing cutting-edge, non-invasive face rejuvenation spa treatments, to give their clients the most beneficial service available.
The Many Benefits of Oxygen Treatments
One of these treatments is the oxygen facial. It can be uniquely tailored for a variety of age groups and has been used as a relief for a wide range of skin imbalances. It can be beneficial in re-hydrating and softening dry, tired skin, restoring a youthful suppleness and energizing skin processes that support elasticity and healthy tone.
This non-surgical approach to skincare is also a premier and much sought after facial internationally because it is so effective in reversing the signs of aging. Similar to Joanna Vargas’ Oxygen Purifying Facial, Alexandra Wagner offers a supreme oxygen treatment that is regaled on the “Left Coast” in LA. Impurities are eliminated to open the pores with a gentle elemental application replete with enzyme peel and vitamin therapy that brings your most youthful skin to the fore.
As a gentle process it immediately yields optimal results and is without side effects, leaving the skin smooth and glowing.
Oxygen treatments not only help the skin to effectively absorb the best face care products, but also allow the client to use make-up right afterwards on a flawless canvas.
This highly antibacterial facial is also a suitable treatment for young, hormonally imbalanced complexions. It restores balance to hyperactive sebaceous glands and destroys acne causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. This is a brilliant treatment for youngsters as prom and graduation season is upon us and an introduction to a lifetime of good, healthy and effective skincare.
What are the Origins of Oxygen Facials?
Developed in Australia by Intraceuticals, this facial has gained popularity with celebrities and non- celebrities alike. It uses 98% pure oxygen, infused with an organic serum, rich in nutrients and minerals. Using an airbrush-like tool, it delivers oxygen and beneficial substances into the outer layers of the epidermis where it is needed to activate the skin’s regenerative activities.
Exercises to boost to your oxygen facial…
In between facials, try doing some facial exercises to boost the effects of spa treatments. They may look or feel silly but do wonders in increasing blood and oxygen circulation to the cells and they will make you smile which has been proven to make one look younger.
A yoga facial exercise that engages the muscles around the eyes and jaw begins in an upright sitting position with the shoulders placed over the hips. Relax the neck and pull the shoulders away from the ears. Inhale and open the eyes as wide as possible without the forehead wrinkling. Hold this for five to ten seconds with the mouth shut, teeth together while flexing the jaws. Then relax. Repeat this 10 – 20 times.
Another exercise which engages the muscles around the eyes requires sitting in the same position and opening both eyes wide. Inhale then wink the right eye half way. It’s worth a try because like any muscles you don’t use–you lose. The same applies to that crucial organ: your skin.

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