The California Unemployment Department Is Broken

The State of California seems to have among the most incompetent unemployment insurance programs around

For those who are suddenly without a job, obtaining state unemployment insurance is definitely a blessing. California’s Employment Development Department addresses the state’s unemployment claims as well as it’s disability claims (also known as SDI).

Unfortunately, California’s unemployment department seemed to be entirely unprepared to handle the financial disaster of 2008. During these difficult economic times, they have not managed to keep up with the high level of unemployment.

The rate of unemployment remains higher than average even after five long years. Having said that, the official unemployment numbers are sure to be understated when accounting for the under-employed such as part-time employees as well as people that have given up looking for a regular job.

All over the State, numerous suffering because of inefficiencies with the CA EDD. Missed transfers, messed up documents, delayed appeals, and telephone lines which were routinely jammed, have become the standard for the unemployed. There is a regular condition of distress together with aggravation within the unemployed. The Ca EDD has been very incompetent in handling the fears and needs of the people.

As a result of the degree of this economic downturn, the federal government has come to the assistance of the unemployed via backing extended unemployment benefits. While the longer duration of benefits is absolutely great, the obligate bureaucratic nightmare that is included with it isn’t really so great. There is an elaborate tier system and mandatory in-person Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) classes that happen to be described by many as a waste of time at best. Moreover, there’s an extraordinary level of uncertainty around the tier system with lots of people not sure of just what occurs in between tiers and qualification regarding tiers. A surprising number of people are not even certain what tier they’re on.

The last tier is slated to become eliminated once California’s average unemployment falls below 9%. Which seems as if it is about to occur. To additionally complicate things, we have the sequestration cutbacks of 17.69% that take effect for people on the tier system that started after a specific date. Furthermore, the length of federal government extensions differs. They began at seventy three weeks in 2008 however it currently stands at 37 weeks.

Because of the federal government benefit program and the CA EDD system, combined with the general stress with regards to being jobless, thousands of worried people go searching the online world looking for solutions across discussion boards and web sites. One such web site,, is site where people are going to vent their aggravations anonymously, in addition to getting recommendations as well as moral support from other people. Despite having a substantial web site as well as social media profiles, the California EDD has not been meeting the needs of the people that they’re supposed to be aiding. It is ridiculous to see that people cannot find the solutions that they need from the official website.

Will this situation end up getting even worse before it improves? The EDD insists that they’re doing everything that they are able to to service our State’s jobless and yet, clearly they’re failing at that.

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