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How To Safely Clean Windows In High Rise Properties

There’s no doubt how important it is to clean your windows — it enhances the overall appeal of your property, it boosts insulation, and helps keep your indoor environment safe. When it comes to cleaning windows in high-rise properties, professional cleaners use rope access London.

This article aims to tackle how a rope access company in London can help clean windows efficiently and safely.

The Advantage of Rope Access

Window cleaning in high-rise properties can be done in two methods: with the help of an aerial lift or with rope access. Nonetheless, there are many cases when a boom lift can’t be used due to space limitations. With this setup, you should have enough room at the ground to accommodate the crane.

This is when rope access London becomes helpful. Through this method, a sturdy rope system is installed at the top of the property. Cleaners use the rope and other auxiliary gear to abseil down to each floor and clean windows safely.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that the cleaners get a great view of the area they will clean. This will help them clean every corner of the windows more effectively. Besides the great view, this method also offers easier access.

For a rope access system to be effective, proper management and planning are needed. The company should be able to familiarise themselves with the site first in order to properly assess any risks. Through inspection, the cleaning technicians can decide which working methods they will use and come up with emergency procedures and plans on how to protect third parties — including their clients and passers-by.

Basic Safety Gear

A rope access company in London typically uses the following to safely deliver their services:


Rope rig

Rope protectors

Anchor sling

Full-body harness

Bosun’s chair

Descent and backup devices




Suction cups

Cleaning equipment

Hiring a Rope Access Company

Rope access London is a cost-effective means of cleaning windows in high-rise properties. However, you have to hire a reputable company to make sure that the services you will receive are of the highest quality. Below are some tips help you out:

Experience and expertise. While fundamental knowledge can be acquired through a series of training, expertise is achieved through experience. When hiring a rope access company, make sure to look into their track record — and check how consistent they are in performing window cleaning services.

Technology and equipment used. Any service can be provided more efficiently with the aid of appropriate technology and the right set of equipment. If a company boasts modern tools and gear for cleaning, it will be easier for them to deliver their jobs.

Reliability and availability. Though expertise and equipment are essential, professionalism is also important. Choose a rope access company that is dependable and easy to communicate with. A big advantage is when the company can attend to customer queries 24/7.

Insurance and compliance with industry standards. When cleaning windows in high-rise properties, safety is of utmost importance. Hence, the company you should choose is compliant with industry standards. And as an added safety protection, they must also be properly insured.

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