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How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Homeowners who have finally decided to call in the professional Carpet Cleaning Brentwood company have taken a step in the right direction. Getting the carpets expertly cleaned comes with a long list of benefits, but just because the pros are coming to clean doesn’t mean you don’t have any responsibilities.

To ensure the carpet cleaners can move comfortably and efficiently while doing their job, here are a few must-do preparation tips you should follow before they arrive:

Tip 1: Pre-Vacuum In Advance

Help the pros move the cleaning process faster by doing a bit of pre-vacuuming. This will ensure that surface dust, dirt, and debris are removed and the carpet cleaning team doesn’t waste time.

Tip 2: Store Away Valuables And Fragile Items

Yes, the carpet cleaning Brentwood company does have insurance in case the cleaners accidentally break or damage something in your home, but that doesn’t mean you should leave all your valuables out for display. Storing all of the fragile and valuable items always will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also allow the cleaners to move freely, feel less stressed, and concentrate on the job at hand.

Tip 3: Keep Children And Pets Away

The noise and ruckus of the cleaning crew will attract the attention of curious children and pets. While there’s no harm in having a peak, it can be dangerous and distracting for children and pets to get in the way of cleaning. Keep the kids and pets upstairs or in another room until the cleaners are done.

Tip 4: Point Out Stubborn Stains

Before the carpet cleaners arrive, take note of all the major concerns. Everything from stubborn stains or areas that are prone to accidents and spills so that the pros can emphasize those areas while cleaning.

Tip 5: Tuck And Pin Loose Fabric

Do a quick sweep of the house or the room where the carpeting cleaning will occur and check for any loose fabric. Everything from the curtains, drapes, tablecloths, and even beddings should either be tucked away or pinned up for safety. Doing this will prevent the fabric from getting caught in the machine during the cleaning process.

Tip 6: Clear The Working Area

Small items such as toys, lamps, and chairs should be cleared away before the cleaners arrive as this will save time and possible extra moving fees. However, when it comes to bigger items such as a coffee table, ask the cleaning company first whether or not you should move it or if they charge extra to move furniture. This way you know what to expect when the team arrives.

Tip 7: Secure A Parking Space

If it is tricky to find a parking space in your area, make sure you secure one for the cleaning crew’s vehicle. The team will be cleaning for at least a few hours and they will need quick and easy access to all their tools and equipment. If it is possible, allow them to park just a few short steps outside your home for their convenience and yours as well.

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