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How to choose the wedding dress that suits oneself

Are preparing for the wedding of the new people, must be in trouble for the choice of wedding dress, wedding style and variety in the selection of the time is really very troublesome, the following Xiaobian for you to share what to pay attention to buy a wedding dress, and how to choose a suitable wedding dress. Quick and Xiaobian together to have a look!

A, buy wedding dress to pay attention to what

1. You can always bring your closest friends, family and friends

Some shop assistants for their own performance or sales in the store, you try to wear each piece of wedding dress, will say very beautiful very good-looking is in line with your temperament, will not give you sincere opinion will give you brainwashing. Having your best friend around will help you stay awake when you’re feeling narcissistic. But it also depends on the individual, because some people treat everything with a rational face, then such a person in the choice of clothing is not easy to be tempted by the shop assistants. Because she believed she had made the right choice.

2. The wedding dress is not a look, it’s a try

You can try a little more, a lot of the wedding dress that you don’t look like, you may wear a very different effect. Only when you wear it can you discover the beauty in its ordinariness. So don’t be reluctant to try because you are lazy. Maybe your laziness will make you miss the wedding dress that suits you most.

3. The dressing room in the bridal dress store can be deceptive

We all have met, when you buy clothes in the store to try on the clothes that feel very beautiful, buy home to wear why not so good-looking? In fact, it’s all the light of the mirror. It’s the same when you’re shopping for a wedding dress. The lighting and mirrors are different from the normal ones. They make you look thinner, and they look beautiful in the mirror, but they’re not. If possible, you can go to the natural light to see the effect.

4. Don’t Make Choosing Your Wedding Dress Too TV-oriented

Everyone has seen the scene of the bride trying on her wedding dress in the movies and TV series. A group of people will give various opinions from their girlfriends at the beginning. The bride is also super beautiful. But in reality, if you are accompanied by relatives, you may feel that it is OK and will not give a lot of real opinions. Therefore, you must inform the person accompanying you in advance and say what you have. Don’t be shy.Read more at: |

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