How To Choose A Pressure Washer To Clean Concrete Surfaces

Whether you own a shop, manage an industrial warehouse, or just want to keep your home’s concrete driveway spic and span, the right pressure washer is an effective cleaning equipment Sheffield residents need. Since there’s no doubt all of us have seen the amazing work done by pressure washers Derby, we know it is a tool worth investing in.

However, as satisfying as it is to see pressure washers at work, the truth is, it is not as easy to purchase and use one. Instead of rushing to buy a pressure washer, here are a few factors worth looking into that will help you make the right choice:

Electric Vs. Gas Pressure Washers

There are two types of pressure washers Derby companies have on hand. One is the gas-powered washer and it is known for its powerful cleaning abilities and longevity when in use. Gas pressure washers also tend to be bigger and heavier, which makes them harder for first-time users to control. With its strong PSI levels, extreme caution must be exerted when using gas-powered pressure washers.

The second type is the electric-powered washer. These washers are usually smaller and weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds, making them easier to use and manage. First-time users find that using electric pressure washers is less dangerous and helps them hone their cleaning skills before moving to a heavy-duty washer.

Possible Uses

Before purchasing the biggest and most powerful cleaning equipment Sheffield shops have available, it is advisable to first determine the uses of the pressure washer. The power level of this washer range between light to extra heavy duty with the following possible uses:

Light Duty – Washers with a smaller PSI are perfect for cleaning outdoor furniture, grills, small patios, and even light vehicle washing.

Medium Duty – These are a little more powerful, but not too much. Medium duty pressure washers perform best when used for cleaning decks, sidings, fences, and boats.

Heavy Duty – When it comes to dirt and grime that has caked on or is tough to remove, a heavy-duty pressure washer is the best solution. These washers will make quick work of dirty and rough surfaces such as concrete floors and boats.

Extra Heavy Duty – As for commercial use, extra heavy-duty washers are the top choice. Powerful power washers will easily clean construction sites and truck fleets.

Based on the suggestion of uses for each type of pressure washer, finding the right one for your own needs is easier.


Another factor to keep in mind when choosing the right pressure washer is temperature control. Washers that are capable of producing both warm and cold water are more useful as warm water can dissolve oil and grease stains, making it more versatile.

User Experience

Finally, think about your experience and capability of handling a powerful machine such as a pressure washer. If you are not comfortable with using an extra heavy-duty washer, do not purchase one until you are ready. Safety is still a priority, so always consider your limits before making a purchase.

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