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How To Childproof and Pet Proof Your Pond At Home

Ponds add a certain kind of aesthetic and homey appeal to your garden. However, those who have ponds know that owning one comes with several responsibilities — including making it childproof and pet-proof. From making them not too deep so there’s no cause of concern for your kids and pets to drown to investing in pond cover and pond safety nets, we’ve gathered nine ways on how to make your pond safe.
Position your pond in a highly visible area. One of the basic rules when building a pond is positioning in a visible area from your home — not in a secluded place or where there’s just too much obstruction. This will allow you to better keep an eye on your kids as well as your pets.
Consider the depth of your pond. A pond should be at least two-foot deep for it to house goldfish and water lilies, and around four feet if it’s intended to be a home for koi. Take into account which pond residents you will keep because this will determine the minimum depth you will need.
Install a fence or invest in pond covers. Installing a fence is one of the most popular ways of helping keep children and pets away from ponds. Other alternatives like a pond cover and pond safety nets are also sought after because of their effectiveness without necessarily being immediately visible.
Work with a professional for your pond construction. Building a pond isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of thing. You have to have an expert by your side to help you out — from determining accurate dimensions to installing safety features.
Make sure that your pond water is safe. Apart from making the immediate environment of your pond safe, it’s also a must to maintain the quality of the water in your pond. It should be clear and free of chemicals. When working with a pond expert, ask if your pond water is safe even when your pets have accidentally drunk from it.
Keep in mind that any decorations you add are secure. When adding other decorative elements, it’s also part of your responsibility to make sure that they’re stable and safely attached or anchored. Some ornaments can be a potential hazard for your kids when not properly installed.
Add landscape lighting. This doesn’t just make your pond more beautiful during the nighttime, it also serves as an added layer of safety. It will help you, your kids and pets navigate through this part of your garden in the absence of the sun.
Invest in an alarm. If you have extra budget, you can also consider equipping your pond (and pool area) an alarm. This kind of device sits atop of the water and notifies you whenever something significantly disrupts the surface.
Always supervise your children. While features like a pond cover and pond safety nets do provide added safety, nothing can beat keen supervision. As stated, always keep an eye on your little ones and pets. As much as possible, don’t let them wander in your pond area without anyone monitoring them.

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