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How Long Does Heating Oil Last And How To Efficiently Use It During The Winter

Time flies by quickly and in only a few months’ time, winter will already kick in. As attested by many home heating oil users, it’s best to prepare for the cold season early on. From knowing when to buy heating oil in Yorkshire to insulating your home, we’ve gathered tips on how to efficiently use oil during this season.
How long will your supply of heating oil last?
On average, a 2,500 square foot home uses up around seven gallons of heating oil on a daily basis if the outdoor temperature is at 32°. If the temperature will be on the freezing level, a full tank (with 275-gallon capacity) will last for about a month — in other words, you will be consuming one quarter per week. This is why if the weather is especially wintry, you have to buy kerosene in Yorkshire once your tank gets less than one-quarter full.
However, this estimate can still vary depending on different factors, such as:
The temperature outside. The winter season can bring about a fickle kind of weather — there are relatively warmer days, then there are those when there’ll be blizzards or extremely cold winds. When the temperature drops your heating oil consumption will also be higher.
The condition of your furnace. A furnace that’s well-maintained can consume heating oil more efficiently. You might want to consider upgrading your old furnace before the winter season comes.
The size and design of your home. Logically speaking, larger homes will require more heat; hence, your heating oil bill will also be higher. This is why owners of larger homes also invest in insulation to help make their heating system work more efficiently. Did you know that around 35% of heat loss is lost through your home’s walls? Furthermore, around 25% is lost through roofs or attics that are not insulated.
How can you efficiently use heating oil during winter?
Now that most people are advised to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic, homeowners are now concerned how they can keep their heating oil bills low. Below are some tips on when to buy heating oil in Yorkshire and how to optimise your supply:
Understand how your heating system works. Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual of instructions, and check for any automatic setting features that can help you maximise the use of your heating system. According to the UK’s Oil Firing Technical Association, you should also turn your thermostat down during winter — a 1º-decrease in room temperature can help you save around 10% off your annual fuel bill.
Order oil early. During wintertime, it’s best to buy heating oil in Yorkshire early — months before the demand spikes due to the high consumption during cold months. To get better value, it’s also wiser to order and purchase as much fuel as you can. Look for a supplier that offers quality oil at competitive rates, and provides convenient delivery services.
Have your boiler and furnace serviced. As mentioned, you should ensure that your furnace is well-maintained, especially before the winter season. But apart from your furnace, you should also service your boiler. Address any inefficiencies that will be inspected so that there will be no (or lesser breakdowns) once it’s already wintertime.

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