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How Direct Mailing Houses Can Help Small Business Grow

Setting up a small enterprise is already a challenging task. But getting your brand out there — recognised and patronised — is yet another hurdle you need to overcome. Though there are several means to advertise your business, trying out direct mailing Kent or direct mailing Surrey can be a great option.

What Is Direct Mailing

Direct mail marketing refers to the technique wherein you send printed material to specific addresses, which can range from scores to hundreds to even thousands.

This marketing tool is best recommended when business — especially small- and medium-sized ones — are promoting products and services to a targeted market. According to studies, recipients of direct mailing Kent are five times more likely to buy or check out the product or service being advertised.

Some of the items you can send out include:

Brochures and postcards (which can be rolled out without envelopes, making them more likely to be seen by the recipients)

Catalogues (booklets that introduce your business and the specifics of your offerings)

Packages (which can include samples of your actual products, helping convince your target customers to purchase them)

The Benefits of Direct Mailing Houses

Many small businesses are encouraged to try direct mailing Surrey when launching or intensifying their efforts to promote a product or a service. Here are some of the major benefits of this marketing technique:

It lets your target a specific market segment or location. As your advertisements are being sent out to specific addresses, you will prevent shelling out marketing funds for audiences who might not even care about your offering.

It provides you an insight into how effective your campaign is. The ratio of recipients who have responded to your promotion over those who did not can be easily identified when this marketing technique is employed.

It is highly flexible. With this, you will have the liberty to choose who and how many the recipients are and what are the print materials that will be rolled out.

Tips When Doing Direct Mail Marketing

In this section, we’ve compiled tried-and-tested tips on how to make the most of your direct mailing Surrey efforts.

Pin down who your target customers are. First things first — identify your market. Direct mailing effectively works if you have properly selected the populace who will most likely patronise your product or service.

Make your print materials eye-catchy. Your recipients probably receive more important and urgent mails than yours — so make sure that it stands out; be careful not to overdo it, though. Keep in mind that your materials should still adhere to your branding. The design should also not compromise the readability of your concise yet compelling copy.


Seek help from companies that provide high-quality printing services. Tap a printing firm that has the reputation of crafting printed ads in an excellent and timely manner.


Incorporate it with your digital marketing efforts. Though direct mailing is a kind of print advertising, it doesn’t mean that you should discount your digital efforts. You have to make these supplementary for each other. For instance, include the links to your website and social media accounts so your prospective customers can be redirected to platforms where they can see and know more of your offerings.

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