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Making Drinking Water Appealing For Your Family

I am convinced that sugary drink addiction should be recognized by the American Medical Association as a legitimate disorder. I was pretty sure that I had the disorder when I had a twelve pack a day habit of a popular not-to-be-mentioned lemon-lime soda, packed with sugar and caffeine. Sadly, it did not stop there. My children and spouse all came down with this condition. I tried to deny it at first; my children never drank soda/pop. They drank one hundred percent juice! My spouse drank sports drinks and supposedly vitamin enhanced water. Then I learned that these drinks were no better than soda/pop. They were full of sugar and calories and a host of other chemically unknown ingredients that we could not pronounce and, of course, did not recognize as food products at all. Ultimate, I made two commitments. We were all going to limit our drinks to milk or water, and we were only going to consume fruits and vegetables in the most natural form possible. This was so we could take advantage of the natural flavor, texture, and fiber content. Then, I had another epiphany. Our tap water tasted awful and could perhaps be filled with some of the ingredients we were attempting to avoid. We thought about buying a case or two of water bottles every week, but couldn’t justify the environmental impact. Instead we looked into other options. One of these was home purified drinking water filters from the website http://www.clearstillwater.com. These home purified drinking water filters were one great way to provide clean water to our family at an extremely reasonable cost. We have shown several acquaintances the website http://www.clearstillwater.com so that they can explore this option of water purification for their families as well. So many of our friends struggle to promote and encourage water consumption, and we were very happy to give them this tool that will not only promote the healthy lifestyles of their children, but also the lifestyles of themselves and their spouses.

Due to the size of our home and our built-in wet bar, we decided that we needed to go with one of the available drinking water reverse osmosis systems that we found at the website http://www.clearstillwater.com. This one of many drinking water reverse osmosis systems played a huge part in our family’s decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Once the water no longer tasted metallic or fishy, the kids would drink it willingly. I even got my husband on board! We are now no longer juice and soda drinkers. We drink water. This is all thanks to the solution we found at http://www.clearstillwater.com.

In the months since this switch, I have lost nearly thirty pounds; my extremely lucky husband has lost fifty-five pounds. Our kids have also seen many benefits. We no longer deal with sugar highs and crashes. Our dentist has been much happier with the condition of our teeth as well. And, to be honest, we all just feel much better. Feeling better has contributed to a more active lifestyle for all of us, and we are now a family that goes out does things. All of us are much happier, active, and certainly healthier!

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