and easy to freeze not easy storage


according to water collect market information, due to weather,chrisitan louboutin pas cher, the leafy vegetable prices rose.

monitoring in the market of nearly more than 70 varieties of vegetables, 37 kinds of prices, 9 kinds of prices.Among them, the larger rise in three kinds of vegetables are: green cauliflower, rape and lettuce,abercrombie, or 143.65%, 117.71% and 93,abercrombie.38%; down to a larger extent of three varieties of vegetables are: potherb mustard,beats by dre, red pepper and a large yellow pepper, a drop of 25.71%, 17.9% and 17.9%.

analysis of the industry,franklin marshall, as the weather is cold,louboutin, the substantial increase in the cost of production of vegetable of North, south of vegetables to Beijing transport and warm fees will also upgrade,air jordan; leaf kind dish is not suitable for long distance transportation, and easy to freeze not easy storage, northern greenhouse leafy vegetables listed time, therefore, within a short time of leafy vegetable prices are still up space.At present, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, winter storage of a large number of listed, because the market has an amount big,hollister, supply enough,louboutin pas cher, the price is not high, is expected this week, whole of vegetable price rises too won’t big,casque beats, will in the stabilization based on concomitant small fluctuations.
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nthe product list includes: Roquefort cheese, Valjean plum, Pagano cheese, ham, Palma Cordova olive oil, olive oil Magina, Conti cheese, cheese, J Te Dalton Scotland salmon farm and cottage cheese.

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