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Here’s How To Fix Draught Issues With Sash And Case Windows

Sash and case windows in Edinburgh offer a classic and timeless look to any house or building. This style will never be out of fashion and can go from quaint and cosy on one hand to modern and elegant on the other. With proper care and maintenance, sash and case Edinburgh windows can last you many years and keep you safe and comfortable whatever the weather is outdoors.

Draught issues with sash and case windows in Edinburgh are not uncommon, and it should be easy enough to fix on your own at home. But if you don’t have time or aren’t too familiar with DIY projects, it’s easy enough to phone a place that repairs windows and get the help you need.

Common causes to draughts

Damaged seals

This is especially common with old houses that feature sash and case Edinburgh windows. Seals that haven’t been replaced in years are subject to wear and tear. When this happens, the protective quality of the seal erodes over time and can sustain damage that ends up causing a draught. Also, check if your sash and case windows in Edinburgh are starting to grow lots of moulds, because that can damage your window seals as well.

Broken locks

Sometimes the cause of a draught isn’t always because of a faulty sash and case Edinburgh window. There are times when the window is completely fine, and the problem lies with the lock. If your windows cannot lock properly, air can get inside and cause an uncomfortable experience. Another sign of broken locks is the sound of rattling coming from your windows.

Wrong Installation

Installing sash and case windows in Edinburgh requires professional experience and careful attention to detail. Windows should be installed the right way, otherwise rattling will be inevitable, not to mention the seals will also likely be damaged. Draughts are often experienced when windows were installed poorly, and will continue to persist unless modified.

Chipped or cracked glass

Accidents can also cause sash and case windows in Edinburgh to chip or crack, especially if there’s a lot of building work at home or lots of kids and pets. Check your windows to make sure that you didn’t miss any cracks on your windows.

Quick fixes to draughts

Flexible filler

An affordable and easy way of fixing a draught is to seal the gaps with some flexible filler. This will stop the draught from coming in and keep you warm during cold days. However, this means that you won’t be able to open or shut your window. Otherwise, it will break the seal that you’ve put down. If you don’t often open your windows, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Draught excluder strips

Another alternative to keep the draught off is to get yourself a couple of draught excluder strips and use them to block the gaps in your windows. They will need replacing every few years, but you can find them in most shops, and they don’t tend to be expensive.

Rubber seals

Another thing you can use to fix a draught in your house is to get strips of rubber seals made for draughts and fit them on your windows.

Ask for help

If the thought of home projects gives you a sense of dread, there’s no reason to feel helpless. Draughts are issues that a window repair service can easily manage, and it’s easy enough to find an affordable one online.

If you need help with your sash and case Edinburgh windows, our team at Sash & Case Windows Direct can help. Visit our website and learn more about our sash and case windows in Edinburgh services.

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