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Here’s How Recliners Can Help You Deal With Stress


You have probably passed by some rise and recline furniture Thanet on your way home from the office. For some reason or the other (maybe you didn’t think you could afford it), you let it pass by even if your muscles were so tempted to try the seat out. You might be surprised that these rise and recline furniture Folkestone can actually prove to be worthy investments in your home.

Puts Your Feet Up

You probably have a desk job which runs from 8 to 5. If you only have an hour or less to stretch during lunch breaks, then you can only be all too familiar with lower back and shoulder pains. Regular stretching and even times when you can just put your feet up to relax are necessary to avoid back and shoulder injuries. A recliner chair can help you do just that at home. It helps you get out of your usual sitting posture (which puts too much pressure on your lower back) and helps you relax like you used to relax in your mother’s arms as a baby. This position can help you relieve stress.

Relaxes Your Joints

Gravity can certainly work against you when you have a sedentary job, or even when you are pregnant. To relieve stress from your joints, recliner chairs could offer just the right relaxation posture. Your joints tend to hurt when pressure is put on them for long hours throughout the day. With high-quality recliner chairs, you can relax stressed out joints and sit in a relaxed position even after eating.

Improves Circulation

Pregnant women are often advised to put their feet up so they could avoid swollen legs. Recliner chairs offer even more than that. With the way recliner chairs are made, you can lower your back too to further alleviate the pressure on your spine. This change in sitting posture helps you have better blood circulation. Healthier blood circulation also helps you relieve stress.

Helps Relieve Pain

The angle at which you can sit in a recliner chair generally helps you lessen muscle and joint pains. This is because sitting at a 90-degree angle can put so much stress on your spine. So could standing for long hours, especially in high-heeled shoes. If your job entails this and you are already in pain, relaxing in a recliner chair at home can do wonders.

Helps you Relax without suffering from GERD

Sometimes, people come home late from work, eat a quick dinner, and then go straight to bed after washing up. While this can sound tempting, it’s also an invitation for GERD. A recliner chair is a good compromise between a bed and a couch. It allows you to sit in a very relaxed manner without putting your head too low. It allows you to put your feet up without messing up your digestion. If you like to read when you’re resting, recliner chairs also offer better angles for your reading. You won’t have to suffer from eyestrain because your head is too low.


While the initial cost of a recliner chair might frighten you, the health benefits, in the long run, are worth it. You can also look into affordable rise and recline furniture Thanet pieces that could better suit your budget. It’s a nice addition to any home.

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