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Here’s How Double Glazed Windows Work

Traditionally, windows are simply made of one pane of glass. While initially cheaper, issues about energy efficiency kick in overtime — leading to higher energy bills and increased carbon footprint. This concern is what double-glazed windows aim to resolve.

double glazing in Herne Bay refers to the type of window which comprises two panes of glasses with a tight air pocket in between. This window helps prevent heat loss (and gain) and acts as a noise barrier between the outside and inside environments.

How It Works

Simple science can explain how double glazing Herne Bay helps keep your home warm during the winter season and cool during warmer months.

Firstly, it is important to know the concept of convection — wherein heat energy is transferred from hot areas to cold ones with the aid of a good heat conductor. With double-glazed windows, the air or gas present in the space between the glasses acts as a poor conductor, which reduces the rate of heat transfer from the varying temperatures inside and outside your house.

Therefore, during winter, the heat produced by your heating facility can be contained for a longer period of time with the aid of this type of window. Similarly, when summer kicks in, the heat outside will be hindered from getting into your home.

Thanks to the materials where double glazing Herne Bay is made of — such as aluminium frames and PVCu — heat is also further trapped as they ensure there are no small gaps around the window frames.

Experts note that the optimum air gap between the panes of glass should be at 9 millimeters.

Benefits You Can Get

As explained above, thermal benefits are among the main pros offered by double glazing in Herne Bay. In this article, we’re rounding up five more advantages to help convince you to switch to this type of window.

It’s cost-effective. Initially, the cost of purchasing and installing double-glazed windows is relatively higher compared to their traditional counterparts. However, these expenses can be offset by the money you will save on your monthly energy bills.

It increases security. The extra pane in double glazing in Herne Bay also provides an added security benefit. If a burglar attempts to break into your house through your window, he or she will have a hard time as he or she will have to smash two sturdy panes of glass.

It helps reduce noise coming from outside your home. If you want to reduce the noise you hear from the outside, double-glazed windows can do the trick. It will further help you concentrate and be more productive inside your home.

It adds value to your home. With their ability to reduce energy bills whilst increasing security, it comes as no surprise how it can amplify the market value of your home. If you’re planning to sell it in the future, installing this type of window is a great investment.

It’s environmentally friendly. With double-glazed windows, you’re not only reaping benefits for your household — you are also contributing to lowering the carbon footprint in your community.


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