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Here’s How Clean Windows Can Help Save You Some Money

Taking care of your home is something that’s not a stroll in the park. As much as possible, you want to keep your place tidy, well-maintained, and safe for you and your loved ones — all while ensuring that these are accomplished as cost-effective as it can be. And did you know that by being diligent in window cleaning Ashford, you can actually save some money and reap other great benefits? Read on to find out how.
Boosting Energy Efficiency Through Window Cleaning
Did you know that around 25 to 30% of a household’s HVAC energy consumption can be attributed to the heat gains and losses through windows? Like how window cleaners in Ashford can attest, simply removing dirt off your windows and keeping them squeaky clean can actually lower your energy bill.
How? Dirt build-up can negatively affect your windows’ heating efficiency, blocking sunlight from penetrating, and warming your property in a natural way. Conversely, if your windows are free of dirt, more sunlight can shine through and bring solar energy into your home. This way, you can reduce the workload of your HVAC system. And through this, you won’t only bring down energy costs but help prolong the life of both your HVAC system and windows.
Other Benefits of Cleaning Your Windows
The perks of window cleaning Ashford isn’t just about energy efficiency. Below are three more awesome benefits:
It helps you detect issues and address them early on. When you regularly clean your windows, you will be able to spot cracks and other damages early on. These issues, when not resolved as soon as possible, won’t only affect energy efficiency but will also lead to costly repairs in the future and even shorten the life of your windows.
It enhances curb appeal. Window cleaners in Ashford also cite aesthetics as one, if not the most visible and noticeable benefit of regular cleaning. Windows that are sparkly clean can leave a great impression on your guests and even on passers-by.
It increases your home’s resale value. According to one study cited in Money Magazine, maintaining the cleanliness of your windows offer a huge return in investment — a whopping 769%. As your home is also considered an investment, keeping it in good condition will help boost its resale value and attract more buyers in the future should you decide to sell it.
Tips To Remember
When cleaning your windows, take note that the time of the day matters. Experts in window cleaning Ashford don’t recommend cleaning and washing your windows during hot days. Due to high temperatures, your windows will dry too early after washing before you get to wipe them properly. The result? Messier looking windows and wasted time and resources. It’s best to clean in the early morning or late afternoon.
Also bear in mind that cleaning won’t always be the best solution to make your windows more efficient. If they’re too old and have been in poor condition for too long a time, you might be better off if you’d just replace them with new windows instead. Cleaning them can only make them susceptible to cracks and other damage. To properly assess your windows, it’s highly advised to seek help from the professionals to avoid costly mistakes.

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