Analyze and Fix Problems on NTFS Partitions with NTFS Recovery Toolkit

Losing important data due to a system failure or attack by malicious software can be disastrous. In other situations, your operating system may completely refuse to start up and sometimes, the built-in recovery tools provided by Windows, such as System Restore, will not be able to do anything to resolve the problem. In many cases, such problems are due to partition and disk problems or corruption of the MBR (Master Boot Record). Fixing these problems without third-party software can be difficult if not impossible. While NTFS (New Technology File System), proprietary to Windows NT and later is far more stable than its predecessors (FAT16 and FAT32), things can always go wrong and this is where data recovery software comes in to help alleviate these problems.

NTFS Recovery Toolkit is an exceptionally stable and useful set of data recovery tools for analyzing and fixing problems on NTFS-formatted hard drives and partitions as well as recovering data using both manual and automatic methods. The manual mode allows you to analyze the structures of the disk, finding and defining problems using the freeware Disk Editor utility. You will have a range of options for fixing problems. You can either use the Disk Editor, the included Partition Manager utility or the built-in disk utilities included with Windows. By contrast, the automated mode found in the full version of NTFS Recovery Toolkit, simplifies the job by avoiding the complexities of low-level disk surface analysis. Instead, it allows you to concentrate on recovering specific data using the File Recovery and Partition Recovery components.

While the free version of NTFS Recovery Toolkit provides powerful manual recovery methods, the full version offers the complete set of tools including automated recovery modes. The freeware utilities included in both versions are the Disk Editor for viewing and editing content on raw disk sectors on NTFS partitions and the Partition Manager which allows you to create, delete, modify and format partitions. Additional tools found in the full version are the Partition Recovery and File Recovery tools. Partition Recovery scans disks and detects damaged or deleted volumes and gives you the best chance possible of being able to recover them intact. File Recovery scans disks and detects damaged volumes and files, recovering deleted data that can still be salvaged. Both versions include a complete step-by-step guide to aid you.

The NTFS Recovery Toolkit is a reliable and user-friendly tool which is designed with both novice and professional users in mind. With a complete documentation and an easy to follow guide entitled “How to Recover NTFS,” you will have everything you need to get started at your fingertips. No special knowledge is needed other than a very basic knowledge of hard disk file systems and partitions. The interface will be immediately familiar to any Windows user thanks to its intuitive features and good planning. You can view a screenshot of the program in action at as well as read an overview of the software and a guide on how to recover data with it.

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