Heimtextil 2016: Decobel presents the new collection, with a focus on the 3D effect

Frankfurt, January 2016 – The 2016 edition of Heimtextil has recently come to a close. The international trade fair specialising in home textiles, furnishings and accessories is held every year in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, traditionally the heart of Messe Frankfurt Group, and this world-renowned event saw the presence of a number of outstanding names, including Decobel, a market leader in the furnishing fabrics sector, which took this opportunity to present its new 2016 collection. This is the tenth time Decobel has taken part in the fair, where it has been present at each edition since 2009, and once again this year the experience more than lived up to expectations. As is evident by the growing numbers of top-flight operators present, the Heimtextil Fair has carved out a key role for itself in the international designer textile business, with 2.759 exhibitors from 68 countries present at the 2015 edition, attended by over 68.000 visitors. The fabrics in the 2016 Decobel collection, competitive thanks to the fashionable graphics and technical innovation, were much admired and appreciated during the fair, in particular for the sophisticated material impact of the three-dimensional fabrics and the undisputed quality Italian-made products are renowned for. The hallmark feature of the 2016 Decobel collection are the new materials, which combine with the creative flair of the designers to shape products right in line with current trends. These include the innovative 3D fabric, emblematic of Decobel’s consummate craftsmanship skills and increasingly impressive technical and design capacities. Crafted with exclusive, sophisticated designs, the 2016 fabrics bring a modern slant to the products Decobel is traditionally known for, thus extending their applications, colour variants and the optical effects of the weft. These fine hand-crafted fabrics adorn interiors, bringing a prestigious allure and a particular charm. Decobel is proud to boast seven of the fabrics selected by a team of technical experts and displayed in the area reserved for 2016/2017 textile trends, placing one each in the categories Theme Enrich, Theme Nourish and Theme Technology, three in Theme Retail and one in Trendspot Retail. “This is an important acknowledgement that attests to the quality of Decobel products”, said Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel. “Right from the beginning, Decobel’s ambitious mission has been to create prestigious, timeless fabrics, with a rich history and innate beauty and without ever neglecting the importance of the technical analysis of materials and the weaving process, as well as on-going research and innovation” concluded Gabriele Guidoni.

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